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What they say about us...

“...after a stay at The Sanctuary on Koh Phangan in southern Thailand, your mind, body and possibly even your soul will thank you.”

    TimeOut Beijing
Reasons You’ll Love The SanctuaryA Journey Into YogaA Journey Into Detox

Reasons You’ll Love The Sanctuary

1 - A restaurant which has gained rave reviews from media all over the world.
2 - Unique architecture incorporating old style thatch roofs with buildings built in and around rocks.
3 - It’s a beach resort but also has yoga, wellness cleansing, spa, workshops, classes and natural healing therapies.
4 - Named “The most brilliant, quirky and unique” by Time Out.
5 - Hailed as “Truly magical with an excellent reputation” by The Times of London.

Listen to our cool soundtrack by One Giant Leap

Reasons you’ll love yoga at The Sanctuary...

1 - A great place to begin your yoga journey, with our 10.30am class designed for fasters and beginners
2 - 3 classes a day to choose from, to suit your rhythm
3 - A range of great teachers
4 - A focus on inner stillness
5 - Beautiful yoga halls built into the jungle
6 - The natural sounds of the jungle as the soundtrack to your practise
7 - Fantastic yoga holiday packages that include pampering spa treatments, daily yoga classes and private sessions, to truly recharge and revitalise your whole being
8 - Evening meditations 6 nights a weekfor free
9 - All the joys of tropical island life!

Reasons you’ll love detox at The Sanctuary...

1 - Fantastic support from Mr Moon and his team at the Wellness Center
2 - 3 different kinds of detox to choose from
3 - Different programme lengths of suit your plans, from 1 to 12 days
4 - A tranquil space to hang out in with a great library and plenty of hammocks
5 - Support your fast with yoga and spa treatments with our Detox Packages
6 - A herbal steam room to aid your detox
7 - A great team of alternative therapists at the Tea Temple
8 - A raw cleansing menu in the restaurant for before and after your fast
9 - Evening meditations 6 nights a week for free
10 - Anti-candida and parasite cleanse
11 - All the joys of tropical island life!

Retreats and Workshops

Chakra Healing Workshop
4th May to 8th May, 2014
Chakras are centers of energy in our subtle body that hold physical, mental and emotional patterns that govern our daily lives. By bringing the chakras into balance we can understand and heal energy blockages, emotions, mental patterns and unhealthy behaviors, and essentially learn to heal ourselves and others. Read More >>
Foundation of Thai Massage
12th May to 16th May, 2014
For learners who wish to acquire original Thai Massage skills for personal benefit and to lay strong foundations for further study at higher levels. Students learn hands-on techniques to relieve tension, fatigue, stimulate circulation, and restore vitality in the entire body through Thai massage pressure points. A brief background of Thai massage ethics and Sen Sib theory will be discussed. On successful completion of the course, students will receive a Certificate of Completion. The course teacher is certified by the Thai Ministry of Education and is a fluent English speaker. Read More >>
Lila Vinyasa 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training
3rd - 24 May, 2014
A 300 hour Vinyasa Teacher Training program for those who are looking to deepen their practice and teaching. You must have your 200 Hour Yoga Certificate to take this module. This course will be limited to 14 people. Read More >>
Lila Vinyasa 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training
2nd - 27th June, 2014
Join Clara Roberts-Oss and Carolyn Anne Budgell in a 25 day intensive to deepen your practice and understanding of the body and to learn skills for instructing a Vinyasa Yoga class. You will learn:
  • Alignment and anatomy of the yoga postures
  • Contraindications of yoga poses and variations for all levels of students
  • The actions and ethics of hands-on adjustments
  • How to intelligently sequence yoga poses and create seamless vinyasa flows
  • Philosophy, sanskrit and history of the yoga tradition
  • Pranayama, breathing techniques, understanding our life force
  • The business of yoga: authentically integrating the many hats of a yoga teacher
Pranaforce Yoga Teacher Training
28th June - 27th July, 2014

Please visit the Pranaforce Yoga website for further details...
JungleYoga Teacher Training - 500 hr Level 2 (Open to All)
6th July - 15th August, 2014

with Randall O'Leary

JungleYoga Teacher Training - Level 1
7th September - 3rd October, 2014

with Randall O'Leary

Our Level 1 course is aimed at giving students a deeper experience of yoga. We not only practice yoga in its many forms, we also look into the methods and techniques to understand how and why yoga works. This is useful for both students who are or wish to become teachers and for people who are simply interested in going deeper into their practice. We run a course which is designed to be fun, intelligent, transformative and interesting. Regardless of your yoga experience, there is much to be learned and explored in the course. Read More >>
Yoga One 200 hour Teacher Training with Yoga Therapist Shy Sayar
15th November - 13th December, 2014
This comprehensive, Yoga Alliance registered training program is designed to deepen your understanding of Yoga, in order to cultivate a solid, safe and effective practice as the foundation of skillful teaching. The program emphasizes developing an embodied proficiency in the fundamental physical and theoretical principles of yoga, as well as powerful tools for the skillful application of yogic resources to enhance health and well-being for yourself and for your students.

Regular Classes and Events

YogaPilatesMeditationOpen MicFilm Night

3 Daily Yoga Classes

Yoga classes at the Sanctuary Thailand We offer 3 daily classes in our beautiful Buddha Hall, at 8am, 10.30am and 4pm. 90 minute classes cost 300 Baht each or you can buy 7 class tickets for 1,600 Baht. No booking required and mats and cushions are provided.
Private sessions are also available for 1,500 Baht per hour.


Daily Pilates Class

Pilates at the Sanctuary Thailand Pilates is offered 6 days a week - Sunday to Friday - at 9am in our Garden Hall. Suitable for all levels - our 90 minute classes cost 300 Baht each or you can buy 7 class tickets for 1,600 Baht.
Private sessions are also available for 1,500 Baht per hour.


Daily Meditation

Meditation at the Sanctuary Thailand We offer free evening meditation class from 6pm to 7pm - Sunday to Friday. One hour guided meditations are led by our team of healers and include a variety of techniques such as mindfulness, five elements, yoga nidra, astrological, tai chi, qi gong and heart meditations to name just a few.


Open Mic Night

Open Mic at the Sanctuary Thailand One of the highlights of our week, bring your music, your dance, your words, your magic to our Open Mic night every Thursday – or just be a fabulous member of the audience and enjoy!

Weekly Movie Night Under The Stars

Movie night at the Sanctuary Thailand Tuesday night is Movie Night at The Sanctuary – enjoy classic movies, enlightening documentaries and inspiration from around the world under the stars on the beach.


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Important Information

Bangkok Protests

With the ongoing protests in Bangkok we wanted to reassure our incoming guests and those considering booking over the coming few months that the protests have limited effects in Bangkok though we would advise avoiding Bangkok if you can.
The airports are open and fully functioning.
the protests are having NO effect on island life :- we suggest simply booking straight through Koh Samui and come to the beach where life continues in its usual beautiful way.

Children at The Sanctuary

Most people at the sanctuary are adults on a personal healing / health program. We try to create an environment that is peaceful and chilled for all & while, we try to cater for all, we are an adults orientated resort.

Credit Cards at The Sanctuary

We are very sorry that, due to the fact we do not have a direct telephone and electricity lines we are unable to process credit cards. ATM and bank facilities are available in Had Rin town. We can offer exchange rates on most currencies. Read More >>

New Sister Sanctuary in Somerset UK

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