Accommodations at The Sanctuary Thailand

Welcome to The Sanctuary’s accommodation page!

Peak season rate applies from Dec 10 to Jan 10. Please inquire for accurate quotation

We have a brilliant and bewildering array of accommodations available for you… We hope this page will serve as a guide to help you find the best options.

We have two kinds of accommodation: bookable and non-bookable.

70% of guests like our All Inclusive Packagess

Bookable AccommodationsNon Bookable Accommodations Detox Accommodation Important Notes
bookable accommodationFor the traveler with less time, or who prefers to turn up with something already booked.

This range includes all our higher end accommodations including our luxurious garden rooms and unique jungle houses.



non-bookable1This includes all our cheaper rooms, bungalows and dorm beds. Dorm beds start at 300 Bt and our cheap bungalows start at 890 Bt.

For these you just turn up on the day and see what is available.

We offer this range of accommodations for the many people who come here and decide to stay longer than they anticipated – this accommodation supports the spontaneous traveler who comes for a week and stays for a month!

For those of you on a smaller budget, please know that you can call our reception ONLY ON YOUR ARRIVAL DAY to find out what from our non-bookable range is available that day. The team can put something on hold for you for a few hours while you travel over.
Turning up is risky but it is part of the adventure!

detox-accommodationWe have a wide variety of rooms for detoxers, from Thai Bungalows to the luxurious Garden Suites with aircon. Detox packages can only be done in detox accommodations – another advantage is that all bathrooms in detox rooms have been modified for colonic treatments.

Our detox accommodations are prioritized and subsidized for detoxers – however, our regular guests are also welcome to stay here, subject to availability.


Important Note  1: We are in the jungle! Some of our houses and rooms are very open, and your closest neighbours would be friendly Jungle creatures such as gekkos, monitor lizards, mosquitoes, bats, moths, the occasional Sanctuary cat and the very rarely spotted snake. If you prefer more enclosed concrete style with aircon, we suggest The Garden Suites.

Important Note  2: Our high season from mid-December to the end of March is wonderfully busy ! At this time we strongly recommend booking well in advance!

Important note 3:- there will be a 25 % peak season surcharge on all our rooms from Dec 10 to Jan 10

Important note 4:-

70% of guests like our All Inclusive Packagess



Please Note: We cannot accept credit cards @ The Sanctuary – Cash Only