The Art of Letting Go with Kaifi

A Sufi Approach to Life and Death – 5 Day Intensive

3rd – 7th February  2014


“Die as you are so that you can become that which you really are. Die to the ego so that the Divine can be born in you. Die to the past so that you become open to the future. Die to the known so the unknown can penetrate in you. Die to the mind so the heart can start throbbing again.” 

- Osho


To die and be born is a Sufi paradox, understanding that death and life happens every minute. Death is what we believe in different forms, it is necessary to recognize our true nature so that we can live life fully.

Sufis are lovers of life, they do not choose what aspects to celebrate, whatever comes is a reason to celebrate. A Sufi lives every moment as the last, thus every moment is unique and absolutely. Every life experience is a great mystery and a great adventure.

When life stops being a problem and starts being an opportunity for experiencing and learning and we can enjoy the journey, the mystery of life starts unfolding. Suddenly we go behind appearances: I’m alive, I love life. Then what more is there, what is beyond it? It becomes an adventure. When we go deeply into the experience of being in the body with a friendly approach, it shows something to us which is beyond death. Another kind of experience reveals itself: “We are not the body.” We are something much more expansive that is not contained in this body. It’s very paradoxical. That’s just how it is.

In this Course we will experience:

  • How the energies can be liberated from attachments and identifications that create suffering in our lives.
  • The contact with our core energy and Soul’s desires
  • How to open up, to look and recognize themes and situations where we feel stuck and tense
  • We will explore where we block the energy of fear of losing someone or something, fear of surrender to the unknown
  • We will learn how to create an atmosphere of loving acceptance about these fears and tensions through Sufi meditation
  • We will learn and practice how to let go of the things / experiences / people that are not serving us anymore

In the Sufi tradition, as we move towards becoming fully human, we revive an inner ecology and diversity of spirit. We feel and understand more in life, because we can recognize it as a part of our own soul. Both freedom and joy come with being at home in the heart, a heart that is much wider than we thought.

The energy is liberated when the relaxation of surrender starts to happen. We bring this vital energy back to our center using movements, breath and sound. With the totality of this space, we create a bridge between awareness & love, allowing our energy to move freely and re-connecting us with our love atmosphere celebrating the beauty and the mystery of life and death.

About Kaifi


Through his way of living “on the edge”, Kaifi has been experiencing, for many years now, the human mind – no mind & consciousness. That’s how love became his way of looking at everything surrounding him. Kaifi’s focus and way of living since 1999 is Love-Space-Consciousness, and his genuine care and intensity creates the space for deep healing & love atmosphere.

Initiated & trained in many different methods & techniques such as Shamanic & Energy Healing, Ericksonian Hypnosis, NLP, Pulsation- Reichian Breath & Bodywork and with extensive experience in self-help groups and work with drug-addicts, Kaifi shares the Art of Meditation & Meditative Therapies. He is trainer and facilitator in OSHO Meditative Therapies and is also facilitates workshops & trainings on Death & the Art of Living, Awareness, Reiki & Energy Healing, Tantra.

“The love space he creates, a huge change in consciousness, joy of the present moment with whatever it brings, along with a deep responsibility for one’s life… is what remains at the end of his groups.”

Half of the year Kaifi is traveling & sharing his work around the world (OSHO IMR-Pune India, Thailand, Europe, China etc.) & the other half of the year he is living & sharing in a small village of a Greek island (Eressos, Lesvos) working with people at OSHO Afroz Meditation Center and taking care of his organic vegetable garden.

His work is inspired by the contemporary mystic Osho, Advaita(non-duality), Tantra, Sufism, Shamanism & Zen, but ultimately his own life experiences are those who drive him in his work.

Cost and Booking Information

Full workshop price – 10,000 Thai baht

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