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Fasting: weight loss is just a part of it

A recent article in The Telegraph (UK) has reported scientific research into the medical benefits of fasting. The piece, written by journalist Liz Hunt, interviews Francoise Wilhelmi de Toledo, a medical director at the Buchinger Wilhelmi Clinic in Germany and an authority figure on …


Everyone can do yoga

A reminder to us all that anyone can do yoga.

Here is Yoga Tip number 1 in our new series of yoga tips.…


“Regulars return again and again and first-timers extend their planned stays by days, weeks and sometimes months.”

Anna Leach visited The Sanctuary for a detox and holiday recently. She is a journalist whose day job is writing about global development for The Guardian. Here is what she wrote in ‘Queen of Retreats.’

“Come to just relax, book treatments …


“I now smile from the inside, completely.”

Meet ‘TJ’ who just finished the weight loss program.TJ pic

I found ‘TJ’ breaking her fast with mango and a big smile on her face. She walked over to me (via hugging local staff member ‘Sammy’) and started by telling me that …


Live music fiesta at The Sanctuary Thailand

Lesh ad NatPeople come to The Sanctuary Thailand to relax, do yoga, detox and eat healthy food. Well on Tuesday night we all had a real treat with four incredible International musicians (who met here) coming together to put on a live …


Cleaning is good karma

truck 2

Thank you to our beautiful community…

The Sanctuary Thailand Spa Resort first ‘clean the beach’ day for the year just happened in March. Rubbish on our beautiful beach had been blowing in and it was time for collective action. Detox …


A Slice of Paradise

The Sanctuary Thailand.. sharing our freshly baked delicious desserts. If you had to choose, what would your favourite be?

YouTube Preview Image


A word on the military coup in Thailand from the Manager

My past experiences here over 20 years tells me that this Coup will only effect a few certain areas of Thailand – mainly the protest areas and the disagreeing parties.

Even during the BIG protests / troubles a few …


‘You never miss the water until the well runs dry’

The rainy season took much longer to reach the east coast of Koh Phangan than normal this year, so here at The Sanctuary we had to take some serious measures to make our limited fresh water supply last until the


What to do at The Sanctuary and beyond

Not only do we guarantee plenty of RnR during your stay at The Sanctuary Thailand (this is beach life epitomised!), we also promise a whole bunch of other fun stuff to keep you entertained… if you choose to leave …


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