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So you think you’ve got candida?

candida information by the sanctuary thailand

Candida is one of those conditions still not always recognised by orthodox doctors, but long spoken of in the more alternative medical fields. It has such a wide range of symptoms, some more tangible than others, which can make it difficult to diagnose. However, bearing in mind the conditions necessary for candida to thrive, it…


Children at The Sanctuary


You might wonder why we are writing this blog now………Well , in the past 6 months we have been very open and tried to accommodate a fast-growing number of families travelling with young kids, many of them returning friends. What we found was many of our existing customer base were left grumbling on their bar…


A Day in the Life at the Sanctuary

You thought it would be a good idea to do a detox. After years of indulging in all the treats that life has to offer, all the biscuits you mindlessly scoffed at work, the takeaway dinners, the boozy nights and the dance floor delights, you thought it was time to do something good for your…


The Joys of Spirulina

      It feels so good but it tastes so bad…….  Although Spirulina looks like food from the future, it is in fact one of the oldest known life forms on earth. A mainstay of the diet in African Chad from the 9th century until today, it is known to have been used as…


Tasha’s journey to Asia Yoga Conference in Hong Kong

yoga HK

At the beginning of the month I was lucky enough to go to Evolution, the Asia Yoga Conference in Hong Kong, which took place between 7th and 10th June: The conference offered an array of yoga teachers from around the world giving classes and lectures on everything from pranayama to Tantra, Ashtanga to Kundalini,…


Yin Yoga – A Bridge to Living Mindfully

yin yoga

“Stiff, unfit, resistant in both body and mind – Yin Yoga was the perfect way in for me.” Yin Yoga is a slow, yielding, meditative practice that targets the joints, ligaments and fascia tissue in the body.  Jamie, who teaches Yin Yoga at 4.15 every day at The Sanctuary, came to the practice through the…


Questions and Answers about the Sanctuary with Mike Doyle – General Manager

Why do mozzies bite me?

Michael, General Manager at The Sanctuary, recently agreed to answer any questions thrown his way… true to his word, he didn’t flinch when any of these questions arrived on his desk. Read on to get a brilliant insight into the mind of our Dear Leader……… After nearly 14 years as ‘captain’ of the good ship…


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