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Retreat in 2014 – 19 to 26 April                                                   For ongoing and up to date information about special events and retreats at Sanctuary  you can sign up to our newsletter to…


Pilates & Fitness

In addition to our Yoga classes, we can offer privates of pilates and fitness sessions on request if we have teachers available. Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s as a method of physical exercise that uses the mind to control the muscles and increase their strength, flexibility, endurance and coordination.  Focus is…


10:30am with Ben – Yoga for Beginners and Fasters

yoga detox life courses spa

The 1030 morning yoga class is a Gentle Flowing Hatha Yoga Suitable for Beginners and Fasters alike though open to all levels of Practice. Bens special blend of combining breath with movement assists you during your cleanse to support the organs in detoxification. This practice is a flowing vinyasa style of class where we untilise…


YOGA with Peter Clifford

The Sanctuary are delighted & excited to offer Daily Yoga Classes with Peter Clifford from November 1 2013 to March 30 2014 Peters intention is to practice and teach Hatha Yoga including Asana to facilitate the movement of Shakti the moon to the embrace of Shiva the sun in Sahasrara Chakra where conscious awareness and…


Healthy Yoga Holidays at The Sanctuary Thailand Resort

Treat yourself to a Yoga Holiday Package at The Sanctuary. Our packages offer daily yoga classes and spa treatments, as well as healing therapies, steam room passes and private sessions with our excellent therapists and teachers. The Yoga Holidays allow you to create your own schedule as you choose. We offer 3 daily Yoga classes…


Daily Yoga Classes at The Sanctuary Thailand

Yoga in paradise

  From movement to stillness & silence may we experience the true love that we are. Yoga is an ancient art of self-development, used for thousands of years for physical health, mental well-being and spiritual fulfillment. The system is complete and comprehensive in its nature, utilizing body, breath, mind and spirit as tools for transformation….


Yoga Teacher Training at The Sanctuary Thailand

Jungle Yoga – 200 Hour Teacher Training – 7th September to 3rd October, 2014 JungleYoga Teacher Training Courses with Randall O’Leary   Randall O’Leary has been involved with yoga since 1992 when his mother brought him to his first class. From that point on, he has been studying and practicing yoga with dedication and enthusiasm. He began…


‘Reshape your Life’ Retreat at The Sanctuary Thailand

Our special 2 week ‘Reshape your Life’ program is the ultimate way to transform your life and have a new fresh start. You will be assisted during your 14 Day program in exercise, yoga, life coaching, therapy, meditation and, with pampering in our spa, you will have all the support you need to transform your mind,…


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