Detox at the Sanctuary Thailand

Reasons you’ll love detox at The Sanctuary Thailand

1. 20 Years of experience in hosting Detox packages.

2. Run by Professionals with Passion.

3. A tranquil space far from restaurants and distractions where you will bond with fellow detoxer’s. A friend made in Detox, is a friend for life!

A Journey Into Detox


What is the difference between a cleanse, a fast and a detox?

Good question!

A detox is any process that helps you remove toxins from your system.

A cleanse is any process that makes one clean .

A fast is a period of time without ingesting any food.

We use all 3 terms to describe our detox programmes!

All of our programmes are detoxifying and cleansing, though the only our signature Detox involve fasting (the Gentle Cleanse and the Raw Fest both include eating).

I am confused between the different kinds of detoxes you offer.

Our signature Detoxes vary only in length – we recommend 3.5 days, 5.5 days, 7.5 days and 10.5 days, though you can shorten or extend the length of your fast while you are doing it – the only difference between them is length of time.

The signature Detox involves a complete fast and daily colonics.

The Gentle Cleanse differs from our signature Detox in that it includes one meal a day and no colonics.

The Raw Fest involves eating only from our raw cleansing menu for 7 days, plus all sorts of healthy treats such as fresh coconut with spirulina and wheatgrass shots.

Do you have Inclusive packages:

Yes, we do.

What Detox Herbs do you use

After using Arise and Shine for many  years we have upgraded  to our own unique blend of detox herbs and nutrition formula that have been especially prepared for our guests .

Is there any eating on the detox?
No on our signature Detoxes – you enjoy a light vegetable broth in the evenings.

The Gentle Cleanse involves one meal a day.

The Raw Fest involves eating a standard amount.

Are your colonics administered by someone else?

No – our colonics are self-administered. You will be given full instructions!!

Please Note: We cannot accept credit cards @ The Sanctuary – Cash Only