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“The Sanctuary, a haven of relaxation and reflection…”

    Backpacker Magazine

We have 23 Bay style bungalows ranging in price from 770 B to 1,760 B per night. we also have 12 beds in our simple dorm room (220 B per night) and rooms and dorm beds in our Zorba Dwellings  (from 330 B per night).

We do not currently offer a fixed booking service for our cheaper dorm or bungalows, only on our range of houses and higher end bungalows and rooms.

Experience has revealed that very few of our guests leave as planned… many stay long after their expected leaving date! Based on this experience we have a whole range of accommodation that fits in with this spontaneous flow, and remains non-bookable: you just show up and see what is available on the day. There are no guarantees but we would love to welcome you and try to find the best accommodation for you. If you would like to phone our reception the morning of your arrival (081 271 3614) we will tell you what is available on the day and hold for you for part of the day.

Once you experience The Sanctuary we hope you will understand why many stay way beyond their planned check-out date. We are confident however that with our 32 bungalows, 15 houses and 24 dorm beds, not to mention the 70 + bungalows available with other resorts on the bay, that you will have someplace comfortable to sleep and can then upgrade or downgrade as opportunity presents.

Please be aware however that from mid-December to mid-January, The Sanctuary and all the surrounding resorts will be extremely busy!

Please note we can not accept Credit Cards at Sanctuary – cash only – Thanks a lot

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