Tao Tantric Arts Teacher Training for Women

October 6th to November 1st, 2013

This is a unique training, offering the Taoist Sexual Arts, together with Tantric elements, empowering women to share these teachings.

It is led by Minke de Vos and Shashi Solluna.

There may be different reasons to join this training, and women may take different empowerments from it, including:

  • Some women want to deepen their own practice and discover the Tao Sexual Arts.
  • Women will all learn to offer one-to-one sessions for women on the area of sexual healing and learning sexual practices.
  • Women will be empowered to run their own women’s circles.
  • Women will learn to lead a qigong class, focusing on working with sexual energy.
  • Some women will be ready to facilitate workshop…this is not for everyone, and depends on previous experience, confidence etc.
  • This training is certified under Universal Healing Tao (Mantak Chia) and will be universally recognised. Women may add other UHT trainings to this one to expand what they offer (such as tai chi, chi nei tsang etc).
  • Women will also learn how to initiate a man into the sexual arts, and how to share energy with a beloved. Most of the class time is women-only, but there will be some mixed classes as well.

These arts are energetically based, thus it involves working with sexual energy, opening channels and learning to store energy. There are many practices, which are taught in a creative feminine way rather than purely technical. They include:

  • Chi breast massage
  • Ovarian breathing
  • Womb-heart connection
  • Opening energy channels for sexual energy flow
  • Bone breathing
  • Jade egg practices
  • Awakening the yoni
  • Sexual energy breathwork
  • Six healing sounds
  • Inner smile healing technique

We believe that this work is very supportive in the awakening of the feminine, as well as the connection to the Earth, and the healing between the masculine and the feminine. Therefore if you feel to guide and support other women on their journey, we are here to empower you to offer those gifts.



This is a TTC, and so has a very intensive schedule.

Weekly we run from Sundays at 4pm until Friday midday. This gives time for participants to go to other parts of the island if they wish for their days off. We will give plenty of suggestions!


  • We start at 7.30 or 7am with Qigong in nature. We will use the energies of the lush nature in this practice.
  • Breakfast 9am
  • Afternoon Class 4pm-7pm
  • Evening class, some evenings only 9pm-10pm

Attendees are expected to join all classes.

Due the the intensive nature of this work, we ask all participants to refrain from using any strong substances such as alcohol, for the four weeks and also to bring mindfulness to a cleansing process prior to the training. Eating organic foods, minimizing toxins, drinking water and engaging in a daily practice will help to prepare your body and mind for this training.

You are also asked to read “The Multi Orgasmic Woman” by Mantak Chia and Rachel Carlton Abrams. It may be a advisable to join a local Universal Tao class to familiarize yourself with some of the meditations and practices.


All women are invited to join, if they feel a calling to this retreat.

Different levels of certification will be offered, according to previous experience, previous trainings (if any) and personal power. This training is not designed to put women through a conveyor belt creating standard teachers, but to empower each women as she is ready to share her gifts in the world. Every woman attending the training will receive a certificate (under the Universal Healing Tao system of Mantak Chia, a world-wide recognized organization). However, you will be expected to have enough health and fitness to undertake the long hours, hill-climbing (this is in the jungle) and daily qigong.

Fees and Registration

The course fees for 2013 are $2,400 CAD / 1,800 EUR / 1,500 GBP for four weeks. Accommodation and food are not included and we will send you a list of options, private or shared, after you register.

Please visit http://www.taospiral.com/tao-tantric-arts-teacher-training.html to register your place on the course!

Please Note: We cannot accept credit cards @ The Sanctuary - Cash Only

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