“It takes a few days to get settled and into the rhythm and spirit of the resort but when you do you feel right at home… Although we came as a couple, The Sanctuary is v conducive to all travelers and has a great community vibe… If you are looking to enjoy some down time and find some peace and beauty in simplicity, you will enjoy the Sanctuary.”
DE, Hong Kong, July 2013

“According to the Oxford dictionary a sanctuary is a sacred place, such as a church or temple . Or it can be a a place of refuge… The Sanctuary in Thailand has been both for me.”
SL, Australia, 2013

“The Sanctuary is a brilliant location for those who want to quietly get away but also be able to do whatever they want… A hippy and happy environment where being yourself is key.”
MG, July 2013

“I couldn’t believe my luck when I arrived at the The Sanctuary… It’s an all round well-run, thoughtful resort where attention to detail has paid off, meaning that the only time you’ll want to leave is just to do a quick visa run.”
AM, April 2013

“The most magical place in the world… at the Sanctuary we found the perfect mix of detox and retox activities…. The Sanctuary really is the perfect place… whether alone, with a partner or friend…. to detox, retox and just to relax… its simply heaven on earth…”
SC, Singapore, 2013

“A note of thanks to everyone there for achieving such a great balance of ‘alternative world – meets eco jungle lux – meets paradise beach hang out – meets great restaurant ! ‘ Not an easy combination, considering the remote spot and logistics… Sanctuary is not a sterile perfect western style resort, so its not for some people. But I loved being immersed in nature, very easy vibe, staff and most of all the mix of people and friends I met there.”
LD, Ireland, 2013

“I have stayed at The Sanctuary numerous times over the past five years and it and its beach draw me back again and again… The restaurant has excellent food to suit all tastes…The staff are always welcoming and friendly and the position right on the beach makes it even more special… the yoga teachers have an amazing knowledge of their practice and are among the best instructors i have met. The spa is a dreamy place… If you want a relaxed soulful place where you can go at quarter speed … or at full speed on Friday nights, this is the place for you.”
ND, Australia, 2013

“The mix of spa, jungle life, yoga / pilates classes, healthy yet yummy food at the Sanctuary kitchen, and kind smiles from all the staff made me smile every day…. The Detox programme was amazing and life-transforming for me. Moon and his team has so much enthusiasm and knowledge. The support from them and my fellow fasters made the journey seem an easy ride.”
SW, China, June 2013

“A brilliant idea, superbly executed… I’m not at all surprised that it attracts the most eclectic crowd of brilliantly talented, open-hearted and bohemian people that I’ve ever met in one place. A bit like the upper fields of Glastonbury have been transported to the tropics.”
GC, UK, June 2013

“The resort is built in the environment creating a very unique jungle atmosphere. The accommodation looked very cool, the food in the restaurant was superb, very creative, healthy & jummy and the staff were so helpful, friendly and knew what they were doing.”
RM, NZ, June 2013

“This is my second trip here in 4 years and the place is still magical… But don’t come here expecting it to be like every other island resort in Thailand – it is far from that, it is a special and unique place. “
JP, June 2013

“Moon, the wonderful man who runs the Wellness Centre, is simply a godsend! Just by seeing the smile on his face makes you feel better and nothing is ever too much trouble…. Him and his staff provide all the support and more that you could possibly need during quite a difficult process, but the benefits are extraordinary. “
JP, June 2013

“After my 6th visit of The Sanctuary my husband and me decided to have our wedding ceremony there- and it was a dream come true! The managers made organizing everything so easy and were always around, supporting and helping us in every situation!   …………20 guests came, and all of them just looooved that place and were overwhelmed by the service, kindness of the staff, quality of food, landscape and peace there!
Thank you for making that day and the complete stay outstanding and unforgettable!!!”
AP, Germany, May 2013

“I can’t express how much you must go here, you’d be stupid to go to Thailand and not visit this place!
I am going back, again and again and again!!”
Emily, UK, March 2013

“The crowd this place attracts is really unique. It’s not your typical “resort retreat… incredible break from my stressful life. Highly recommended.”
MO, US, March 2013

“My girlfriend and me just got back from 1 week intense relaxation at Sanctuary and we are truly amazed by the kind spirits, the perfect service, the incredibly nice surroundings and all the yoga, meditation and healing workshops that are being offered…”
Chris, Germany, March 2013

“Its a place that touches your soul,moves you heart and blows your mind. Its like home.At some point you want to leave but you always want to come back.Its a place to be just yourself.Food,people, and location is amazing.”
HZ, March 2013

“ This place has the x-factor that makes you want to stay forever. “
SV, Norway, March 2013

”The Sanctuary is a love filled, warm, welcoming, inspiring microcosmos of magic.
It is the perfect place to relax and grow within yourself at the same time. “
Jester, Australia, February 2013

“If you are looking for a beautiful place in the jungle with a wonderful beach, fascinating people from all over the world, heartfelt connections, high quality workshops in beautiful halls in the middle of the jungle with skilled and experienced teachers, good and healthy food, a lovely spa and a bit more of an alternative vibe and a community feel, Haad Tien is definitely one of the best places in the world to be!”
SS, UK, December 2012

“What started as a 5-night stay turned into a month… The Sanctuary is a truly wonderful place and very hard to leave. I am now a lifelong fan and look forward to a thousand more visits.

Everyone on the staff is amazing; friendly, helpful, warm, supportive, fun and kind… And the guests are too. I met so many inspirational characters and made many lifelong friends during my stay.”
FH, UK, 2013

“This place is amazing… It has everything you need for an amazing vacation and a self-awakening experience.”
DY, Israel, February 2013

“I recommend the detox to anyone who wants to treat the body, change eating patterns and come out with more energy and brightness. After 2 or 3 days I felt the benefits – clear headed, lighter and shiny-eyed. The Wellness Centre is run by Moon and his brilliant team. I felt really looked after and safe in their hands – professional, welcoming, a class act.”
JT, UK, February 2013

Great place. Beautifully secluded, varied rustic huts trickling down the cliff and hill as the land blissfully flirts with the Gulf of Thailand. Food and drink fresh, tasty and a reminder of how good food can be, and its therapeutic effects.”
CL, UK, Feb 2013

“The Sanctuary is one of the most precious places on Mother Earth!
A glorious little bay offering a grown up experience of joyousness…”
FL, South Africa, 2013

“It’s basically summer camp for 30/40 somethings who are looking for something a little bohemian and very open-hearted… “
CS, UK, December 2012

“I just got back from my fifth visit to this extraordinary place. I feel refreshed, healthy and recharged. This really is my favourite place on earth.”
PF, UK, December 2012

“ It was like waking up in paradise every day!”
JB, London, December 2012

“I am looking forward to my return. I was a bird with a broken wing on arrival and left with an excellent first aid repair and a toolbox full of the right knowledge to sustain my well-being.”
MA, UK, October 2012

“This is an amazing place! You should go … its a real sanctuary”
MW, UK, October 2012

“We loved Sanctuary so much. It was so peaceful and beautiful, with a completely laid-back relaxing vibe…The food was phenomenal…The staff was so friendly and helpful with everything. The property is beautiful and spread out through the jungle so you really feel most pleasantly isolated… We could have stayed forever.”
JT, October 2012

“We just completed the one week detox and found The Sanctuary to be the ideal place for it… Moon, Bow, Joy and everyone at the Wellness Center was amazing. They were helpful and kind from start to finish. “
TT, Hawai, September 2012

“An absolutely gorgeous place to stay. The staff were amazing…”
MG, UK, August 2012

“It was the most gorgeous chilled out week ever… Can’t rave enough about the food – totally fresh tasty delicious and healthy – makes you feel great… Best holiday ever, it was so hard to leave.”
RJ, NZ, July 2012

Please Note: We cannot accept credit cards @ The Sanctuary – Cash Only