Thai Yoga Massage is a spiritual practice that incorporates the Buddhist principles of mindfulness (Vipassana) and loving kindness (Metta) Powerful yogic stretches are applied carefully along with a slow deep acupressure technique. This ancient massage works both the gross muscular level of the recipient, as well as the subtle energy level of the body. The recipient experiences this as a relaxed supported body work that creates a profound sense of space and relaxation in the entire being.

Foundation of Thai Yoga Massage – Level I

with Sebastian Bruno

5 Days / 30 Hours program

For learners who wish to acquire original Thai Massage skills for personal benefit and to lay strong foundations for further study at higher levels. Students learn hands-on techniques to relieve tension, fatigue, stimulate circulation, and restore vitality in the entire body through Thai massage pressure points. A brief background of Thai massage ethics and Sen Sib theory will be discussed.

On successful completion of the course, students will receive a Certificate of Completion.  The course teacher is certified by the Thai Ministry of Education and is a fluent English speaker.


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The Sanctuary is the perfect location to immerse yourself in the healing practice of Thai Yoga Massage.  You can complement your studies with daily yoga and meditation classes, enjoy the herbal steam room, spa treatments and other alternative therapies.

This is a place with no roads and abundant nature – where the jungle meets the beach!

Upcoming Course Dates

4th – 8th January, 2016 – Foundation of Thai Yoga Massage, Level I

15th – 19th February, 2016 – Foundation of Thai Yoga Massage, Level I


Cost and Booking Information

Full 5 day course price – 13,000 Thai baht

Sign up by 15th of december to receive an early discount price – 11,000 Thai Baht

To secure your place on this course, we will request a non-refundable PayPal deposit of 50 pounds.

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For participants of this workshop, we can also reserve limited spaces in our Zorba Dormitory (330 baht per night) and Zorba Private rooms (660 baht per night) for the week of the workshop.

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Other Levels

Introduction to Yoga Bodywork

An introductory workshop into the anatomy of assisted movement and the alchemy of breath. Either as a complete beginner or a healing therapist, this course will provide you with tools to express yourself through therapeutic touch in a safe, effective and loving way.12 hours program

Thai Massage Intermediate – Level II

This course is for student seeking to obtain confidence and strengthen the techniques learned from Foundation of Thai Massage. Students will learn additional  variation techniques in order to adjust a different pressure effects. Introduction to ancient pressure point and intermediate assisted movement techniques.*30 hour program

Advanced Therapeutics – Level III

This course examines the therapeutic aspects of Thai Massage.  Students will learn advanced techniques of applying pressure using thumbs, palms, fingers, knees and elbows.  Study of acupressure points to relieve ailments such as headache, back pain, knee pain, shoulder/neck pain caused by various conditions of physical and mental stress.  Exploring the Yoga in the Yoga massage. This course is focused on wholeness, fluidity and transition.*30 hour program* All Thai Massage trainings include Yoga practice, Qi Gong and Meditation as an integral part of the program.