‘Reshape your Life’-Weight Loss Retreat at The Sanctuary Thailand

14 day / 16 night All Inclusive Weight Loss Package

Not happy with your body shape?
Feeling stressed or unfulfilled in life?
Ever consider they might be linked?
The time for change is now!!
The rest of your life depends on it.

Weight loss program starts every Monday

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Weight loss plus – A chance to work and pamper your body back into shape whilst taking a look at broader health and life choices that may between you and the happier, healthier life that you really want. A total life package which includes Detox/fasting, yoga, pilates, fitness, spa treatments + a range of counselling, bodywork, breathwork and alternative healing options.

The Raw Fest allows the colon to rest, by removing a complex diet and providing natural energy & vitamins from raw foods and supplements. After 5 days, your system will be perfectly prepared for a 7.5 day detox.

For details of our Raw Fest, please click here
For details of the 7.5 day detox, click here.

This programme has an action-packed schedule, and plenty of time for resting and playing!
Your fitness sessions will take place during your first 5 days, before the full fast begins; then you can choose where to fit in your spa treatments, yoga classes, and all the other healthy treats included in this programme.

This comprehensive package includes:

  • Pre-fast interview and consultation, including weigh in and measurements
  • Complete fasting support manual
  • Constant supervision and support from the wellness centre crew and your Coordinators
  • 5 days of our Raw Fest
  • 7 day complete colon cleanse
  • On-demand herbal tea and fresh filtered spring water
  • An informative library of fasting, nutrition, alternative medicine, and spiritual literature
  • 16 nights accommodation


  • 2 Life coaching sessions
  • 14 yoga classes
  • 5 private 1:1 session with yoga teacher
  • 4 private exercise sessions (kayak, swimming, walking, hiking, dance classes, tone up classes etc.)
  • 10 one hour spa treatments of your choice
  • 2 Therapy or healing sessions
  • Herbal steam room use daily


This package is only available with accommodation included.

Package prices are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

Accommodation typeCost
Standard Bungalow86,080
Superior Room97,600
Deluxe Room118,400
Executive Room128,000
Service pack for extra person sharing pays 56,000
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Your physical body is a reflection of not only your personal choices and habits but also of your innermost thoughts and feelings. How do you feel about yourself? How do you feel about life and your place within it? Would a few inches off your waistline bring you the happiness that you seek or might a lasting solution require you taking a broader view on you and your health and happiness?

Here at The Sanctuary Thailand, we have a holistic approach to health and fitness and as such we are focused on bringing our clients back into balance…not just in their bodies but in mind and spirit too. Our intensive ‘Reshape your life’ packages are designed not only to help you lick your body back into shape but also to draw attention to some of the lifestyle and emotional choices that may be silently serving to undermine all your best efforts at finding personal happiness and contentment.

A 7 day cleansing ‘fast’ under the guidance of the experts in our ‘Wellness centre’ forms the core of every programme. Yoga, fitness and pilates classes and one to one sessions are there to get you moving. The combination of fasting and physical exercise in a warm, tropical climate keeps your body flushing and your metabolism ticking along nicely so that weight loss becomes an easily achievable first step on the journey toward the you and the life that you really desire. When people take time out from busy or pressurised lives and turn their attention to themselves and their health, they realise that healthy living choices can made on a much broader scale than just deciding which food goes on your plate.This is where the ‘Reshape your life’ and ‘Sanctuary Thailand’ deviate in focus from traditional weight loss/detox centres. Here in a lush, nurturing, jungle beach setting we have the resources to help you maybe take a look at the other areas of your life that might be playing an unwanted part of your everyday experience. The mind, it’s thoughts and feelings about ourselves and what’s important in life, can unwittingly get used to entertaining some quite toxic ideas and behavioural patterns which in today’s often fast paced and high pressured lifestyles are overlooked or ignored. It’s often these out of shape thoughts that are creating our out of shape bodies in the first place. The opportunity to stop and really tune into what’s going on or what you want out of life rarely comes along so part of our mission here is to help you assess your thoughts, feelings and life goals to see what might be creating any disharmony. Our team of alternative therapists, counsellors and bodyworkers are then on hand to offer a broad range of skills and treatments designed to help bring you back into line with what you really want…. a body and a life you will truly love again.

The fasting process works as a reset of your food cravings and habits. When you come back to food you get to choose how to eat all over again. The same with life, taking time out from a hectic schedule and all the demands that places on you for even just a couple of weeks could be enough to give you the perspective you need to really see any changes you need to make and with those habits identified, you get to choose how to live all over again. It’s all up to you.

Please Note: We cannot accept credit cards @ The Sanctuary – Cash Only