School of Life Workshops and Retreats at The Sanctuary Thailand 2015

Silent Vedic Retreat with Om Baba 18th to 22th May 2015

Om BabaOm BabaOm Baba is a spiritual master, based in Rishikesh, India. He is a close disciple of the great Indian sage Shri Saccha Baba Maharaj. He has lived in the traditional Vedic Ashram of his Master for 12 years, following the pristine discipline of the Sannyasin-monk, and has been trained in the four main paths of Yoga, i.e. Raja, Bhakti, Ghyan and Karma Yoga. In the Satsangs we have the opportunity to be together with an adept of the spiritual path, who can share with us recommendations for our spiritual practice, clarify our doubts, guide us and inspire us in our Quest for Truth.



Unwind and Shine – Yoga and meditation 5 day retreat with Ushma 22-26 June / 3-7 August 2015

ushmaThrough Yoga and meditation this retreat is designed to enhance health, relaxation and wellbeing, by harmonising body, mind and soul.

Start the day with a dynamic Vinyasa flow class with Pilates and breath work to relax , improve your flexibility and strengthen the core. We will practice in a beautiful hall immersed in nature. After the class you will feel vitalized, refreshed and motivated.

The Sanctuary has plenty of healthy, delicious food options for your breakfast while watching the ocean lap at your feet. ( Fasting Optional * )

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