School of Life Workshops at The Sanctuary Thailand


Chakra Healing Workshop with Ushma / 4th to 8th of May, 2014

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Chakras are centers of energy in our subtle body that hold physical, mental and emotional patterns that govern our daily lives. By bringing the chakras into balance we can understand and heal energy blockages, emotions, mental patterns and unhealthy behaviors, and essentially learn to heal ourselves and others.

This will be a transformative healing process, taking us to a greater space of well being, happiness and relaxation.


Thai Massage Training with Sebastian Bruno / 12th to 16th of May, 2014

IMG_10461Thai Yoga Massage is a spiritual practice that incorporates the Buddhist principles of mindfulness (Vipassana) and loving kindness (Metta) Powerful yogic stretches are applied carefully along with a slow deep acupressure technique. This ancient massage works both the gross muscular level of the recipient, as well as the subtle energy level of the body. The recipient experiences this as a relaxed supported body work that creates a profound sense of space and relaxation in the entire being.


Thaivedic Bodywork training with Sebastian Bruno and Kimmana Nichols/ January 5th – 11th, 2015
ThaiVedic-header-1024x268This course is a unique opportunity for body workers to apply a greater degree of holistic diagnosis and individualised healing for their clients. Master body worker Sebastian Bruno and Holistic Health Expert Kimmana Nichols have created the ThaiVedic System, which combines timeless Ayurvedic principles of diagnosis and treatment with Buddhist Thai Yoga therapy; bridging one of the world’s greatest holistic medicine systems with the therapeutic techniques of Thai Yoga Massage.


Vitality Now Detox Retreat with Kimmana Nichols / February 16th – 22nd, 2015
During this week we will empower the digestive and transformative force of the body, known in Ayurveda as Agni. For increased results, the cleanse will combine a range of techniques from Ayurveda and Yoga to Naturopathy and Chinese Medicine, creating a truly holistic detox experience.
Each day we will cover a different aspect of wellness education so that you leave the detox with the wisdom to sustain the vitality that we create together. The base detox program will be gentle with an emphasis on restoring digestive power and vitality for life. There will be extra options available to increase detoxification, deep relaxation or specified bodywork treatment once you have had your holistic consultation with Kimmana.


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