Yoga Retreats & Intensives at The Sanctuary Thailand

The Sanctuary Thailand is a welcome Host for many Yoga Teacher Training and Retreats and international teachers.

Here you have more information about the Offerings of our guests. For bookings please contact them directly.

5 day retreat – Alchemy of the Touch Massage with the founder Tapesh F. Paradiso

1st – 5th September 2015

rsz_alchemy-of-touch_advanced-02Most massages specifically focus on muscles. They seek to loosen and relax muscles by applying pressure to them and gently manipulating them. The Alchemy of Touch Myofascial Chi-Release Massage Method does this too, but takes it one step further. It operates on the principle that you can unlock stored stress and tension in the body, releasing and opening up the energy channels to restore the balance in body-mind! Like a network of rivers nourishing a landscape, the opened channels through which Chi flows will nourish and energize your entire being!
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Transformational Yoga & Healing Retreat with Shakti & Leon

7th to 13th September, 2015

rsz_11855705_10153119370606903_4499679956685679637_n1 week intensive program consists of 7 hours of total activities every day (plus Q&A sessions) and includes theory lectures and practice of Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama and Qigong. Next day practice is directly connected to what was taught on the theory part. Practice section will include: Meditation, Qigong, Yoga asana practice, each day devoted to special topic, Special Self-Treatment and healing techniques, Healing and transformation trough proper breathing, Yoga Nidra, compete relaxation technique and gateway to work on subconsciousness.
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Unwind and Shine – Yoga and meditation 5 day retreat with Ushma

August 3 -7 / September 14-18

ushmaThrough Yoga and meditation this retreat is designed to enhance health, relaxation and wellbeing, by harmonising body, mind and soul.

Start the day with a dynamic Vinyasa flow class with Pilates and breath work to relax , improve your flexibility and strengthen the core. We will practice in a beautiful hall immersed in nature. After the class you will feel vitalized, refreshed and motivated.

The Sanctuary has plenty of healthy, delicious food options for your breakfast while watching the ocean lap at your feet. ( Fasting Optional * )
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5-Day Dynamic Yoga Retreat with Jannica

19th to 23rd October / 7th to 11th December

5-Day Dynamic Yoga RetreatIf you want to challenge yourself, increase strength and flexibility, and deepen your practice (while enjoying a beach and jungle environment that will blow your mind), don’t miss out on an experience of a lifetime! Our Dynamic Yoga retreats uniquely blend transformative yoga classes, healthy vegetarian cuisine, world-class holistic treatments, and a range of other activities.

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Holistic Rebalancing Training – with Ananda Kumar and Aleksandra Moren

21- 30 September, 2015

rsz_ananda2Immerse yourself into 10 days of retreat life in a paradise while learning and experiencing deep healing tools and meditations, practicing yoga, sharing and opening new spaces inside ! You will learn skills that can empower your life whether you wish to become a professional therapist or gain more essential knowledge about mystery of body, rebalancing massage, meditation and yoga for yourself. Holistic Rebalancing massage is a powerful healing tool to heal & balance physical and energetic system. It’s a lovely fusion of joint release to melt & relax, deep tissue massage to release pain/holdings/memory, energy work to heal & balance. Feel the bliss with fresh body and energy !

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Embrace the Sense of Adventure – Yoga Bliss Retreat with Jayne Becca and Tracy Sadler

3- 13 October, 2015

Yoga Retreat ThailandLeave your stress behind and embrace your sense of adventure for the trip of a lifetime! It’s an opportunity to explore, really see the world and awaken your senses. We will be practising yoga twice daily over looking the tree tops, enjoying delicious healthy food, lounging by the beach and exploring the coastline. The idyllic setting on a near-deserted beach with translucent water is, indeed, a sanctuary. This friendly refuge is the perfect place to experience yoga, drop into deep pockets of solitude and truly immerse yourself in the present moment.

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Radiance: 7 Day Immersion with Jessie Neave & Shoshannah Orenstein

14th – 20th October

Yoga Retreat ThailandJoin Jessie & Shoshannah for a week of relaxing and recharging on all levels. Expand and deepen your practise in a safe, nurturing environment. Jessie & Shoshannah will guide you on your individual journey – whether you have been practising Yoga for years, or just beginning.

Learn ancient, traditional practices (sadhana) to foster and unleash the vital forces within you, cultivating the diamond (vajra) body – the power of luminosity, strength & clarity…your own unique radiance.

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Yoga & Personal Development, 10 Day Retreat for Women by Women

22 Oct. – 1st Nov. 2015

rsz_bigstock-yoga-beach-woman-doing-pose-at-46961017We will come together as a community and spend time connecting with our intuition and nurturing our inner wise woman in this lush jungle environment. During your stay on the beautiful island of Koh Pha Ngan you through a ten day yoga journey to self-discovery and personal development. You will have the chance to bond with your fellow sisters on the path during group activities.

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