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The Sanctuary is a welcome Host for many Teacher Training and Retreats and international teachers.

Here you have more information about the Offerings of our guests. For bookings please contact them directly.


23th May – 30th May, 2015 

PranaForce Yoga Retreat with Abria Joseph and Shaelah Morris

  • * 2 Daily inspirational yoga practices per day led with Abria Joseph and guest teachers, as well as 3 supporting workshops

  • * 3 Full days of fasting and colonic cleansing (optional)

  • * 3 Delicious organic vegetarian meals each of the 7 days after the fast, prepared by Sanctuary Thailand

  • * 1 off-site tropical excursion with the group (Private boat trip & snorkel/raft rentals available)

    * Transformative environment of Thailand sequestered in a truly magical space to rest and revitalize on a beach of Koh Phangan, Thailand

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31st May – 6th June, 2015 

EFT & Matrix 7 Day Immersion Training with Rob Nelson

Facilitated by: Rob Nelson

This is incredibly life-changing healing work!  Wonderful new ‘memories’ replace the traumatic old ones – and we’re able to learn the lessons we came here to learn and move on into new expansive territory.

Whether for your own personal growth, or to bring healing to clients and loved ones, it’s hard to overstate how powerful this work can be.  EFT can be used to enhance any system of healing, bodywork or yoga.  And Matrix takes healing to unprecedented levels.

This 7 day immersion training will give you a solid grounding in the history, science and application of EFT and Matrix.  Live demonstrations by master trainer Rob Nelson are illuminating and life changing for participants.  And there will be ample practice sessions for working through many of your own issues and becoming confident as a practitioner.

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28th June – 3th July, 2015


Facilitated by: Beata Alfoldi and Jemma Rivera Hayden.

This five-day transformational women’s retreat is a deep immersion experience into the heart of who we truly are. We will explore in practical ways what it means to be in connection with one’s own inner wisdom, beauty and power; and how this connection with Self affects every area of our lives.

Transformation of consciousness can only happen when we are embodied within our lives. When we are embodied in our lives ~ our innate wisdom, courage and power allows us to find the answers within so that we are able to transform all of our stories into ‘medicine gifts’ and ignite the inner passion, fire, wisdom and strength that it takes to fully reclaim our lives.

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3rd – 13th October, 2015

Embrace your Sense of Adventure – Yoga Bliss Retreat

Facilitated by: Jayne Becca and Tracy Sadler

Leave your stress behind and embrace your sense of adventure for the trip of a lifetime! It’s an opportunity to explore, really see the world and awaken your senses. We will be practising yoga twice daily over looking the tree tops, enjoying delicious healthy food, lounging by the beach and exploring the coastline. The idyllic setting on a near-deserted beach with translucent water is, indeed, a sanctuary. This friendly refuge is the perfect place to experience yoga, drop into deep pockets of solitude and truly immerse yourself in the present moment.

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