Healthy Yoga Holidays at The Sanctuary Thailand Resort

Treat yourself to a Yoga Holiday Package at The Sanctuary. Our packages offer daily yoga classes and spa treatments, as well as healing therapies, steam room passes and private sessions with our excellent therapists and teachers.

The Yoga Holidays allow you to create your own schedule as you choose.

We offer 3 daily Yoga classes so there are plenty of yoga opportunities throughout the day, and you can book your private sessions at the times that suit you.

Yoga mats and accessories are provided for all our classes.

3 Days Yoga Holidays
7 Days Yoga Holidays
10 Days Yoga Holidays

We revise the contents of our program every 6 months based on customer feedback

While we do work hard to keep our prices down, we won’t engage in a race to the bottom. Saving a few Baht at the expense of quality and experience just isn’t worth it. You may only have one chance to do this in your life, and we’re committed to creating the most holistic rejuvenating body cleanse available.

Please Note: We cannot accept credit cards @ The Sanctuary – Cash Only