Yoga Teacher Training at The Sanctuary Thailand

Tantravaya 200 hour Teacher Training Courses

with Yoga Therapist Shy Sayar

15th November to 13th December, 2014

18th April to 16th May, 2015

15th November to 13th December, 2015

Yoga Alliance certified


“I learned more in day 1 of training with Shy than in an entire 200 hour teacher training I took previously.” – JD, December 2013

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This comprehensive, Yoga Alliance registered training program is designed to deepen your understanding of Yoga, in order to cultivate a solid, safe and effective practice as the foundation of skillful teaching. The program emphasizes developing an embodied proficiency in the fundamental physical and theoretical principles of yoga, as well as powerful tools for the skillful application of yogic resources to enhance health and well-being for yourself and for your students.

Using Tadasana (Mountain Pose) as our starting point, we study the structure, anatomy, principal actions and bandhas involved, and proceed to apply the insights to every type of yoga pose. The training includes an introduction to pranayama, yogic meditation, mantra, mudra, yoga therapy and posture correction, yogic philosophy, world view and psychology, ethics, history and scriptures (including the yoga sutras of Patanjali).

Taught by a Yoga Therapist and higher education specialist, our training method is unique and exceptional in that it is not limited to any “style”. Drawing from a wide array of yogic practices in order to customize the practice to the practitioner, our motto is “teaching people, not poses”. In the training, we learn universal principles of alignment and practice, such that graduates of our past trainings now teach everything from Yin and Restorative to Power Vinyasa and Ashtanga with exceptional skill, due to their understanding of the foundational principles that thread through the whole practice.

During the training each trainee is given corrective poses, movements and practices tailored to her or his needs, capacities and constitution. During practice sessions we explore many different ways to practice, as well as different intensities of practice, while each practitioner is encouraged to honor the body in the process.

With exceptional attention devoted to practical training and teaching experience time, this training is designed and proven to produce effective, confident yoga teachers who are ready to teach upon graduation and stand out in the world of yoga.

Director of Studies

Yoga Therapist Shy Sayar has over 5000 hours of experience teaching yoga to students of all levels, treating patients and training yoga teachers around the globe. He teaches classes and practices yoga therapy at his Tantravaya Yoga Studios in Petaluma and Santa Rosa, CA. Shy is a PhD candidate at the University of California, Berkeley, where he has taught coursework on education and the classical texts of India.

As a lifelong teacher, Shy specializes in making even the most challenging material approachable to every student. By patiently reviewing every teaching with skillful attention to different student’s learning styles, Shy facilitates the most extensive, deep and retainable learning, thus producing exceptionally capable yoga teachers and practitioners.

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Jungle Yoga – 200 Hour Teacher Training – 

Feb 22 to March 20 

JungleYoga Teacher Training Courses

with Randall O’Leary


Randall O’Leary has been involved with yoga since 1992 when his mother brought him to his first class. From that point on, he has been studying and practicing yoga with dedication and enthusiasm. He began teaching in India and at the Sanctuary in the mid-1990’s and has been teaching ever since.

He has studied with yoga teachers in the west in the Iyengar and Viniyoga traditions, and has since created the Jungleyoga style. He has also traveled to India over a dozen times and has a teacher in Rishikesh, Uttranchal, India. He was initiated into an ancient order of yogis in 2006 and continues the unbroken lineage of yoga traditions through the Jungleyoga style.

Our Level 1 course is aimed at giving students a deeper experience of yoga. We not only practice yoga in its many forms, we also look into the methods and techniques to understand how and why yoga works. This is useful for both students who are or wish to become teachers and for people who are simply interested in going deeper into their practice. We run a course which is designed to be fun, intelligent, transformative and interesting. Regardless of your yoga experience, there is much to be learned and explored in the course.

The course runs for 4 weeks, 6 days per week, about 6 hours to total class time per day. It is a registered 200 Hour Certified course with a certificate granted upon completion of the course.

The Focus of the Course

We believe that students learn best through experience, so we devote plenty of time to actual practice. Our morning starts with a short ritual (which will be explained and explored) and then moves into a mantra practice. Mantras are the yoga of sound and subtle energy, which is very powerful.
After the mantras (about 20 minutes) we move into the breath practice. Breath and breathing is a very important part of the course. Every day we will dedicate some of our time to developing our vital energy through the yoga of breathing. This is one of the favourite sections of the course for many students. This section takes about 40 minutes.
We will then move into the more ‘classical’ yoga practice of the postures. The physical practice is focused on exploring the many postures, refining our technique and going deeper into the shapes. In general, we use a flowing type of vinyasa as our practice method, but not always. Each day has a different focus, so our practice is slightly different from day to day. Some days are very intense, others lighter; it all depends on what we are exploring. This takes generally 1.5 – 2 hours.
After this section, we take a short break of one hour for light breakfast. The classes resume with a lecture/ exploration which lasts about 1.5 – 2 hours. In this section, we discuss the elements of the morning’s practice and other topics which help us to understand yoga better. This is not a discussion of abstract philosophy or a wash of Latin anatomy names, but a day-by-day development of our understanding. We practice differently every day because the practice gives practical experience of the topics we explore in the discussion. Everything we do is tied-in together to form a whole experience.
The course breaks for the middle of the day and meets again at 5 in the afternoon. Here, we have another practice which ties in with the theme of the day. One night per week we also have a fire puja (ritual).

The Subjects

We learn about many facets of yoga on the course. Understanding the postures and what they do is just the beginning. We also learn about the nature of the breath and the nature of the life force. We explore sound, mantra and types of universal energies that are expressed through sound. There is a bit (just a bit) of western-style anatomy and physiology as well. The classical philosophies of yoga are taught, which include the Yoga Sutras and the philosophy of Tantra. We take a week to explore the energy centres called Chakras and their effect on our lives. There are many other exciting subjects that don’t fit into any simply category.

Our Method

The course starts at the fundamentals and builds up from there. The experience is cumulative, meaning that what we learn on one day will be important for what we will learn the next day. In this way, our knowledge can build as our yoga experience progresses. We also wish for students to grow and transform through the yoga. We are very open to individual expression and experience; we encourage each person to find their own unique, personal yoga.
We do not focus on practicing to become a yoga teacher (though we do offer optional classes which explore this topic). The best way to really know yoga and perhaps teach is to have a vast and full personal experience of yoga. The knowledge and experience offered will give a strong foundation for whatever it is you want to do with yoga.

Costs and Booking for JUNGLE YOGA TRAINING in February

Please contact Randall O’Leary for further course information, fees and bookings.

If you wish to book accommodation, please contact the Sanctuary – accommodation is not included with the course fees


We don’t require that students have any specific experience before joining the course. However, it is best to have done yoga for a year or more due to the intensity of the course. What is most important is coming with an attitude of openness and acceptance and a true interest in learning.  If you have this, anything is possible!  More information can be found at



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