Accommodation at The Sanctuary Thailand Spa Resort

We have a diverse and exciting array of accommodations available for you – from simple dormitory beds to exotic and romantic houses inspired by traditional Thai architecture. We hope this page will serve as a guide to help you find the best options.

We have two kinds of accommodation:  Bookable and Non-Bookable.
Please note: Non-Bookable rooms excluding our Dorms are bookable over the peak period between December 15th – January 10th. 

Bookable Accommodation

For the traveller with less time, or who prefers to turn up with something already booked.

This range includes all our higher end accommodation, including our luxurious garden rooms and unique jungle houses.

Price Range: 1,900 – 6,000THB (off-peak)


Non Bookable Accommodation

This includes our budget bungalows and dorm beds. Dorm beds start at 350 THB and budget bungalows start at 950 THB. Non-bookables are only available upon arrival; or call our reception ON YOUR INTENDED ARRIVAL DAY. The team can put something on hold for you until 4pm that day.


Detoxers Accommodation

We have a wide variety of rooms for detoxers, from Thai-Style Bungalows to the luxurious Garden Suites with air- conditioning.

Detox accommodation is only available for those undertaking a detox or wellness package.


Please Note: We cannot accept credit cards @ The Sanctuary – Cash Only