Handy tips from those those that have detoxed at The Sanctuary recently.

1. Drink coconuts and juices only when you feel you need them. Don’t drink them just because you enjoy them or because you can. Don’t use them as a crutch.  Listen to your body.

2. Write down how you are feeling. Write the good, the bad and the indifferent. Write about how you feel physically and emotionally. See if you can find patterns.

3. Don’t weigh yourself every day, check in instead with how you feel each day.

4. There is Senna tea (free a The Wellness Centre) that is a good natural laxative. Have one before bed but only if you need it.

5. See if you can detox from screens! Try and limit or go completely without electronics. Check your email or facebook only if absolutely necessary but otherwise try and give your eyes and mind a break.

AND …. (a sneaky number 6) … dance, have fun, enjoy it, don’t take it all so seriously.

Our Wellness Centre crew  will be able to guide you and answer any further questions that may crop up.