Insider tips (literally) on colonics, from those who have done them recently at The Sanctuary as part of their detox program.

1. Although daunting in their build up, it is quite a profound process to self-administer the colonics. Doing them yourself is a part of healing yourself. It is good practice in meditation and an important part of embracing your vulnerabilities. Many believe that if it is administered by a nurse or other that it is less mentally profound and healing.

2. We are told to massage our stomach with our hands. This is useful and helpful but consciously breathing from your diaphragm during the colonic process is more helpful and calming.

3. It is important to make sure your back and neck are against the colonic board before you begin. Relax your vertebrae. Tension or raising your head is bad for your abdominal muscles and create tension in the colon.

4. Speak to your body consciously. Ask each part of your insides to relax and release any toxins and other unnecessary things. You can verbally ask them to get out. Don’t worry you are alone in there so no one can see or hear you.

5. There is olive oil available to be used as a lubricant. It is also nice to rub on your stomach.

6. Bring a good playlist to help you relax and enjoy.

7. Dance! Open your body, relax your body and mind. Don’t get caught in taking the detox too seriously. Remember to have fun.

Our Wellness Crew will be able to guide you and answer any further questions you may have during the process .