Cleaning is good karma

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Thank you to our beautiful community…

The Sanctuary Thailand Spa Resort first ‘clean the beach’ day for the year just happened in March. Rubbish on our beautiful beach had been blowing in and it was time for collective action. Detox your body, detox our beach! We provided bin bags, the truck and some much needed refreshments to our enthusiastic volunteers.

Even though The Sanctuary staff clean the beach every day, there are times of the year when the amount of rubbish being blown in from the sea gets more out of control and lands on Haad Tien beach.

Ever wondered why and where it comes from?

We all know that every November monsoon kicks in, bringing a strong easterly and south-easterly (cooler) wind and big swell. Waste from developing countries such as Cambodia as well as Vietnam, Indonesia, Brunei and Borneo gets blown straight through the Gulf of Thailand and in to the eastern bays of Koh Phangan. The shape of our lovely Haad Tien compounds the problem and the wind gets channeled in to the bay. A lot of the rubbish has those weird looking barnacles on them which means that girlthe rubbish has been floating in the bay for 6-12 months.

Twice a year the community rallies to support The Sanctuary cleaning staff and protect our natural environment from unwanted rubbish during and in the aftermath of monsoon.

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Thanks to our fearless leader Michael, his daughter Maya and our lovely volunteers for your dedication and hard work. Our beach thanks you too.


Now back to yoga… or a quick steam and spa ….