“I now smile from the inside, completely.”

Meet ‘TJ’ who just finished the weight loss program.TJ pic

I found ‘TJ’ breaking her fast with mango and a big smile on her face. She walked over to me (via hugging local staff member ‘Sammy’) and started by telling me that her mango was ‘orgasmic.’ Here is how the rest of our interview went.

How did you end up on the weight-loss program here at The Sanctuary Thailand?

I was originally looking for yoga and had friends who had been here. When I looked it up I saw there was a weight loss program and detox centre. I decided to do something for me, to be kind to myself, to prepare myself for my hectic lifestyle after a few months of travelling. It looked like something that catered to ‘all of me.’ I had never done anything like this before and didn’t really know what I was in for.

What did your program include?

A personal trainer for the weight loss program (who was my ‘go-to guy’ for both emotional and physical needs), group yoga classes plus private yoga or pilates classes, healing sessions, spa treatments and a 7.5 day detox (with a raw food diet before and after) plus full nutritional and detox support and information.

Did you stick to the program? What did you get out of it?

It was amazing. I thought I wanted to do yoga all day and some fitness training. One of the greatest things about this program is its variety and flexibility. The staff really listen to you and help cater to your personality and needs. The Wellness Centre (for detox) is a good home base; welcoming, supportive and the staff are attentive, warm, friendly and fun. Outside of the detox I got active too. I did do yoga (but not all day) and I booked more personal training sessions mostly because I just loved it.

Before arriving I had no idea what the ‘healing’ sessions were. Maybe that was a good thing as I didn’t have time to overthink it. I did 4 one-on-one healing sessions; I chose a belly massage (a must for detoxing) and sessions in cellular memory, regression therapy and NLP (neuro-linguistics programming). I also did a transformational breathing workshop and creative writing workshop. All I can say is wow! The healers are incredible and really helped me to be open and accepting. I didn’t know that so many things from my past and my ‘being’ would be brought up. I thought I was ‘ok’ before, but now I know that I am great. I worked through so much stuff. I feel transformed. I learnt so many new tools from each session. It was heart warming and truly life changing.

My advice to others is to be open and try it. Find a healer you connect or resonate with and trust them with the rest.

And the weight loss program?

I loved it. That with the detox in one program is a great combination. I had so much energy. Couple that with healing sessions and workshops and you are on a real winner. I am a morning person so training in the mornings worked for me. I could feel my progress and this gave me more energy. I loved the calisthenics. The trainer is so lovely and we worked on a regiment that was easy to follow and even more importantly, is something I can take home and continue myself which gave me an added sense of confidence. His role is more than about the training but as the support person and life coach. He is such a great person and we spent lots of time laughing which is so important. I felt we had an actual connection. So getting up early in the morning was easy, I knew I was going to have a laugh.

I came here to lose weight. Today was my last day and we were to measure and weigh me. You would think I would be nervous. The funny thing is, I forgot to bring my exercise book with my measurements. It made me laugh. I realised the numbers didn’t matter anymore. I felt great. I knew I had gained muscle. My clothes fit differently. I have no idea what I lost but I feel whole. I feel happy. I just want to now share this happiness with everyone.

Last comments?

I was one of those that arrived at night after a long trip, was grumpy, tired and frustrated. The staff at The Sanctuary were so kind, attentive and helpful. I instantly felt calmed. This place relaxes you. It gives you back your headspace so you can (re-learn) to be compassionate.

The staff at reception, the detox centre, my lovely trainer and the healers at the Tea Temple really listen, they hear you and help cater to your needs.

I now smile from the inside, completely. I know it. I can feel it.


Forty-year-old TJ from Brooklyn (living in London) was at The Sanctuary in March.