Sala Kitchen Bites – Raw Chocolate Orange

Learn how to make it yourself!

The Sala Kitchen has been open for almost a year now and our wonderful kitchen staff have been experimenting with new recipes that are both healthy and yummy. With ‘Raw Chocolate Orange’ we think we have nailed it thanks to the loving dedication of our sister Alice! So we thought we would share with you, our family, how to make your own yumminess in your own home.

Here at The Sanctuary Thailand Spa Resort we have always offered physical, spiritual and emotional health with classes in yoga, pilates, mediation and our with lovely team of healers. Over the years we have worked hard also at offering a great menu of healthy meals and treats. In 2015 we thought it was about time we shared some of our secrets with you. This ‘Sala Kitchen Bites’ is the first in a series of six shared secret recipes. We hope you enjoy the video and make your own Raw Chocolate Orange to share with friends at home.