‘Seize Your Life’ NLP course

Thailand NLPI found the Seize Your Life course at The Sanctuary to be challenging, a lot of fun and extremely beneficial when it came to better understanding myself, my dreams and my visions for the future. I loved that each element of the course was so diverse. And each gem we unlocked about ourselves, our futures and our goals was accompanied with a rich tapestry of stories, visualisations, mediation techniques, revealing group sessions and performance exercises, all delivered in a way that left the whole group both mesmerised and energised in equal measures.

The parts of the course that really stuck with me after returning home to the UK have been the elements that enabled me to delve back into my past to figure out which negative beliefs have been holding me back from achieving my full potential. But once we unearthed these beliefs the focus wasn’t on dwelling on what happened or ruminating on old worries, it was about propelling me into the future with all of the tools I needed for success, allowing me to understand my passions, visualise my dreams and live out my biggest goals for the next stage of my life. And I truly believe I’m doing just that right now!

I’d highly recommend the Seize Your Life course to anyone. From those who need an extra little push to achieve the dreams that are nearly in their grasp, through to those who are feeling lost about what they want from the world and how to go about getting it.

Becca did the Seize Your Life NLP course at The Sanctuary in April 2015