Why I keep coming back to The Bay of Love


The Sanctuary Thailand spa resort weight loss


“I love this place. I am so grateful to be here and I am grateful that the people here that I love and respect love me back.”

Zoltan comes back every year. At The Sanctuary Resort he has spent a lot of time with our personal trainer who manages the weight loss program after meeting him initially four years ago and raves about his process. Zoltan has also checked out numerous retreats here and done the detox, meditation, yoga and spent lots of time in the Tea Temple experiencing a range of workshops and private sessions from our healers.

Read the whole interview with the gorgeous Zoltan Gal and feel the love. http://www.theglobalyogi.com/why-i-keep-coming-back-to-the-bay-of-love-an-interview-with-zoltan-gal/#

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Special Promotion

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