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New at The Sanctuary Thailand

The Sanctuary now has a brand new reception that just opened last week. photo 4 Headed by Poom, Gabi and Bo, they will welcome you as you walk up the new timber pathway in to the air-conditioned room with comfy couches, a nice fresh cool drink and of course a warm smile.

Yoga Tip 4 – The ‘Om’

The 'Om' is often used in yoga and meditation. In yoga tip #4 Giorgia explains the meaning and purpose of the 'Om'. Here at The Sanctuary Spa and Resort in Thailand we offer three yoga classes a day: 8am, 10.30 (beginners and detox) and 4pm.

Enjoy the Ocean

Are you afraid of the water? Would you like to be able to swim to the next bay? Swim to the platform? or even just feel comfortable to hang out in the ocean? Maybe you want to go scuba diving or free diving. Here at The Sanctuary we now offer a range of water-based courses and workshops.

Sala Kitchen Bites – Raw Chocolate Orange

Learn how to make it yourself!
The Sala Kitchen has been open for almost a year now and our wonderful kitchen staff have been experimenting with new recipes that are both healthy and yummy. With 'Raw Chocolate Orange' we think we have nailed it thanks to the loving dedication of our sister Alice! So we thought we would share with you, our family, how to make your own yumminess in your own home.

Yoga Tip #3: Sun Salutations

Sun salutations is a great way to start your day. In yoga tip #3 Giorgia demonstrates a basic sun salutation and explains why it is the perfect morning ritual. Here at The Sanctuary Spa and Resort in Thailand we offer

Colouring Club at the Tea Temple

Thank you Faith for introducing the 'colouring club' to the Tea Temple. This week (and next week) people came and coloured in beautiful and intricate drawings. Fun for the young and the young at heart.

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Special Promotion

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