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Private Yoga Session

The yoga teacher's knowledge of yogasana, pranayama and the more subtle emotional and psychological levels of the yoga path were exactly what I needed.

  • NLP Thailand

‘Seize Your Life’ NLP course

I found the Seize Your Life course at The Sanctuary to be challenging, a lot of fun and extremely beneficial when it came to better understanding myself, my dreams and my visions for the future.

7 insider tips on colonics

Insider tips (literally) on colonics, from those who have done them recently at The Sanctuary as part of their detox program.

1. Although daunting in their build up, it is quite a profound process to self-administer the colonics. Doing them yourself is a part of healing yourself. It is good practice in

5 tips for detox cleanse

Handy tips from those those that have detoxed at The Sanctuary recently.

1. Drink coconuts and juices only when you feel you need them. Don’t drink them just because you enjoy them or because you can. Don’t use them as a crutch.  Listen to your body.

2. Write down how you are feeling. Write

Fasting: weight loss is just a part of it

A recent article in The Telegraph (UK) has reported scientific research into the medical benefits of fasting. The piece, written by journalist Liz Hunt, interviews Francoise Wilhelmi de Toledo, a medical director at the Buchinger Wilhelmi Clinic in Germany and an authority figure on therapeutic fasting.

“Regulars return again and again and first-timers extend their planned stays by days, weeks and sometimes months.”

Anna Leach visited The Sanctuary for a detox and holiday recently. She is a journalist whose day job is writing about global development for The Guardian. Here is what she wrote in 'Queen of Retreats.'
"Come to just relax, book treatments and dip in and out of yoga, pilates and meditation sessions, have access to some of the best healers in the world, do a yoga teacher training course, or do what we and thousands of others have done there over the last 13 years: a thorough detox cleanse."

“I now smile from the inside, completely.”

Meet ‘TJ’ who just finished the weight loss program.
I found ‘TJ’ breaking her fast with mango and a big smile on her face. She walked over to me (via hugging local staff member ‘Sammy’) and started by telling me that her mango was ‘orgasmic.’ Here is how the rest of our interview went.

  • Live music @ the Sanctuary Thailand

Live music fiesta at The Sanctuary Thailand

People come to The Sanctuary Thailand to relax, do yoga, detox and eat healthy food. Well on Tuesday night we all had a real treat with four incredible International musicians (who met here) coming together to put on a live concert.

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