Breath Medicine

with Daisy Kaye

15th – 17th January 2018

Breath Medicine is a powerful connected breath tool, aimed at giving access to an embodied present moment awareness, coherent and free from the effects of the past. Unravel and unwind strains, tension and trauma with this alignment of breath and universal consciousness.

daisy-5As we breathe without pause, energy, sensations, emotions and memories awaken to be felt, seen, heard, integrated and liberated. Become aware, that we are so much more then we think we are, breathe away thoughts of separation and limitation and connect with source. Feel the original life force of your own being as expanding light, love and freedom.

This modality is the result of 26 years of practicing connected breathwork such as Rebirthing and Transformational Breath work married together with 5 element systems, Taoist, Tantric and shamanic wisdoms.

daisy-2Breath medicine is a journey back home to original self. Experience a safe space where the whole of you is welcomed with warmth and loving kindness. Discover incredible body wisdoms and sensory awareness as we engage in a effortless, smooth and connected breath. Breath Medicine includes somatic and elemental movement, shaking, sounding, connection, touch, dance, chi gung and journaling.

Expect to feel more alive, vibrant, inspired, at peace and at home in your body, mind and soul. Many feel a huge weight has been lifted as they remember what they are here for and receive insights for up and coming life choices.

To breath deeply is to choose life

May we always be loving kind and gentle with our selves and others

About Daisy

daisy 3

Daisy Kaye is an advocate for maintaining a holiday lifestyle and dancing through the mundane world! Daisy is a Universal Tao Instructor, Breathwork Facilitator, Body Worker, Herbalist, Nutritionist and the original creator and founder of Sacred Cacao 5 Element Dance Ceremony; with over 25 years of experience in teaching and practice. Learn more about Daisy at: www.liveaholidaylifestyle.com
Workshops and Retreats with Daisy Kaye– Taoist and presence practices for health, happiness and abundance – liveaholidaylifestyle.com

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Full workshop price – 2 day: 7,500 Thai Baht / 3 day: 9,000 Thai Baht 

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For further information or to reserve your place, please contact life@thesanctuarythailand.com

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