Calorie Restricted Packages

Detox & Wellness at the Sanctuary Thailand

Our calorie restricted fast allows you to eat whilst staying within the parameters of ‘fasting’ with a low calorie intake which is only a third of your regular caloric intake for a period of 3-10 days. This is a version of a cleanse where you will have a chance to detox while eating.

Our program combines the calorie restricted diet with an intermittent fasting window of  15 – 18 hours between an early dinner and a late breakfast. This daily extended period of fasting allows the body to enter into a fasting-like detox state. There are numerous long-term health benefits of such a combination such as weight-loss, stimulating the metabolic activity, allowing for autophagy (where the body breaks down old dead cells which congest the system), decreases inflammation, reduces oxidative stress, increases insulin sensitivity and optimizes the hormones. We provide a wide choice of delicious vegan meals rich in phytonutrients and fiber as well as supporting the detoxification by incorporating a gentle cleanse program.

This is the most cleansing of our Well-Being Programs.

Every day was a journey of relaxation and personal renewal. From the start you are welcomed by staff and other guests. As a solo traveller I met many lovely people just hanging out which made the days extra special. What could have been a pretentious 'woo woo' fest turned out to be the perfect blend of relaxation, fun, health and hedonisim depending on your needs. The detox Spa runs to a very high standard with an impressive level of expertise for health related issues. I felt fully supported by everyone running the spa and enjoyed the fasting experience along with other guests.The Sanctuary bay is between two other beach bays just a short walk over the hills. Here you will find both chill and party scenes depending on the day of the week with even more options to eat amazing food and indulge your spirit when you feel moved too. I was fortunate enough to visit when one of the original founders Gill had arrived for a few days. Her spirit shone throughout the Sanctuary and I could see why it had become such a legendary (yet almost still secret) place to visit.Suffice to say you will not find another place like this and it's worth staying at least a week if not much more to fully immerse yourself in what the Sanctuary has to offer.
Response from the owner: Dear Chris,We're so glad the Sanctuary provided you with a haven of happiness. Knowing you enjoyed your stay brings a sense of peace to our hearts. We sincerely hope to have the honor of hosting you again someday.Nolan
excellent location on a remote beach far away from it all yet walking distance to why nam and haad yuan.rooms are great, nothing fancy, had no ac but it was comfortable, clean, with hot water and well shaded by the trees.the restaurant is excellent, great food.
Response from the owner: Thanks for stopping by and sharing :)
El mejor servicio que he visto en un complejo hotelero y restauración. El personal muy profesional, atento, servicial, simpático (Gracias, Mimi, Sam, Tuna) personal de detox.El paraiso! Gracias por esta magnífica experiencia
Response from the owner: Hey Ainhoa, thank you for leaving a review - As a team i have never worked with such woinderful, hospitaple crew. They are as you say magnificent !
The Sanctuary ist ein Juwel der Insel. Abseits des Trubels und nur mit dem Taxiboot zu erreichen. Wir haben hier bewusst eine Woche gebucht um in dieser wunderschönen, im Dschungel gelegenen Anlage, „runter zu kommen“. Die angebotenen Yoga-Kurse, die Küche und die Wellness Anwendungen sind hochwertig und qualitativ phänomenal. Gleichzeitig ist es die bewusste Imperfektion und die Leichtigkeit, die Freundlichkeit des Personals was es perfekt macht. Wir kommen sicher wieder. Vielen Dank!
Response from the owner: A jewel <3 we love it !!! Thank you for your kind words
My favorite beach... Clearest water... nice waves..But the prices are "criminal"high.Money welcome!The bourgoise of alternative Mainstream and Esoterik. I feel uncomfortable if alternative people pay such high prices..2 simple plain eggs 100 baht without anything around is a really arrogant.The others not better...This has nothing to do with Thailand anymore! This is a bubble and the new coloniaslism of Western tourism on higher Level at the most beautyfull places in the world...But the people pay these, and Thai people are excluded .The owners sureley are positive 😂 friendly with such a private goldmine.
Response from the owner: Thank you for your kind words, I hope we can welcome you again in the nearest future.Nolan
They offer a complete detoxification package for a those who seek to reset.Offside the super busy party places on Ko Phangan.Still fair prices compared to other wellness locations.+ lot's of spiritual and wellbeing workshops to do+ sunrise side beach 🌅+ amazing healthy food+ friendly staff and like-minded peopleWanna come back one day
Response from the owner: Watch the sunrise 🌅 Thanks for your review - we’re smiling ☺️ Looking forward to welcoming you back soon
The last year I’ve been struggling with burn out and lots of stress related health issues. The sanctuary has severely impacted my life by giving me a magical oasis that allowed me to relax and to take care of myself. Their steam room and ice bath has been such an incredible help for me over the past month and I continue to go there as well as to their donation based meditation almost every day in order to regulate my nervous system and heal. Thank you from the depths of my heart for helping me getting better. I am so grateful for everything you offer to this community.
Response from the owner: Dear Melina,Your kind words are like sunshine on a perfect day! We're incredibly grateful for your amazing review, and it truly brightens our spirits to know you enjoyed your stay at The Sanctuary. We can't wait to welcome you back soon for another unforgettable experience.Nolan

3 Day 4 Night Calorie Restricted

Package Includes

4 Nights of accommodation
1 Arrival dinner
3 Day Calorie Restricted Program
3 Yoga/ Pilates classes or Workshops
3 Spa treatments (not waxing)
2 Sanctuary healing session
1 Infrared sauna
Free Meditations
Daily steam room pass
Daily access to Lymphatic Drainage Power Plate machine

Accommodation Types Prices in Thai Baht
Budget 23,170
Superior 26,780
Deluxe 31,340
Executive 32,860
Service Package only
(no accommodation)

7 Day 8 Night Calorie Restricted

Package Includes

8 Nights of accommodation
1 Arrival dinner
7 Day Calorie Restricted Program
6 Yoga/ Pilates classes or Workshops
5 Spa treatments (not waxing)
3 Sanctuary healing session
2 Infrared sauna
Free meditations
Daily Steam Room Pass
Daily access to Lymphatic Drainage Power Plate machine

Accommodation Types  Prices in Thai Baht
Budget 42,700
Superior 49,950
Deluxe 59,050
Executive 64,000
Service Package only
(no accommodation)

10 Day 11 Night Calorie Restricted

Package Includes

11 Nights of Accommodation
1 Arrival dinner
10 Day Calorie Restricted Program
8 Yoga/ Pilates classes or Workshops
8 Spa treatments (not waxing)
5 Sanctuary healing session
3 Infrared sauna
Free meditations
Daily Steam Room Pass
Daily access to Lymphatic Drainage Power Plate machine

Accommodation Types  Prices in Thai Baht
Budget 60,220
Superior 70,150
Deluxe 82,700
Executive 89,500
Service Package only
(no accommodation)