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About the Detox Program

Our Cleanse program is a 10.5 day fast. Here you gain the full benefits of a longer fast: detoxification, healing, and with this longer fast, a greater degree of weight loss too.  We recommend at least 2 to 3 days pre and post-fast dietary preparation to maximize the benefits of the process. Guidelines are included with your booking confirmation.

Package Includes

12 nights accommodation
10 Yoga or Pilates classes
7  Spa treatments (not waxing)
10 ½   day detox program
Daily steam pass
Free meditations
Infrared Sauna x 2 visits
Daily support
Sanctuary healing session x 1

High Season

Jan 10 - Apr 30
Jul 15 - Aug 31

Prices in Thai Baht

Ladies Only Dorm50,000
Thai-Style Room63,700
Villa Air Con66,000
Deluxe Air Con74,000
Garden Suite87,700
Deluxe Garden Suite95,000
Extra Person Activity Pack41,000

Standard Season

May 1 - July 14
Sept 1 - Dec 14

Prices in Thai Baht

Ladies Only Dorm48,900
Thai-Style Room59,800
Villa Air Con62,600
Deluxe Air Con69,400
Garden Suite80,800
Deluxe Garden Suite84,300
Extra Person Activity Pack41,000

Xmas & New Year

Dec 15 - Jan 9

Prices in Thai Baht

Ladies Only Dorm52,300
Thai-Style Room69,400
Villa Air Con72,300
Deluxe Air Con82,300
Garden Suite99,300
Deluxe Garden Suite108,500
Extra Person Activity Pack41,000


All full days include
7:00 am: Shake
8:30 am: Herbs
10:00 am: Shake
11:30 am: Herbs
1:00 pm: Probiotic shake
2:30 pm: Herbs & green juice
4:00 pm: Shake
4:00-6:00 pm: Colonic session
5:30 pm: Herbs
7:00 pm: Veggie/miso Broth Soup
8:30 pm: Herbs

Last  morning
Shake and herbs
Morning colonic of  probiotics or wheatgrass or chamomile solution
Psyllium probiotic shake
One cleanse meal


Our 10.5 day detox includes all of the following:

  • Pre-fast interview  with our wellness team , complete with a comprehensive fasting support manual
  • A full program of herbal supplements for detoxication and nutrition
  • Psyllium husk and bentonite clay “shakes” 3 times daily
  •  Daily green juice
  • Daily elixir from our elixir menu
  • An organic coffee colonic treatment daily
  • Full probiotic (intestinal bacteria) replacement program
  • A relaxing space entirely for fasters to hang out in, complete with hammocks
  • A full library of fasting, nutrition, alternative medicine, and spiritual literature
  • Complimentary herbal tea menu and fresh filtered spring water
  • Daily visits to our herbal steam room
  • Vegetable/ Miso broth, shared in the evenings with your fellow fasters
  • On site  support
  • A wheatgrass colonic flush or probiotic enema  on your final morning.
  • Post fast sauerkraut bowl
  • A post-cleanse talk guide  and goodie bag of take home herbs


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Not only do we make it easy to detox and relax with our all-inclusive detox packages above; we also offer you a 5 % discount off all extra services within the inclusive package.

You can also book our Detoxes as stand alone programs. Please also check out our Re-Shape Your Life Weightloss Packages, If you are looking specifically for weight loss.


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