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The Sanctuary Thailand is a renowned detox retreat center with over 30 years’ experience in fasting cleanse detox programs. We have helped thousands of guests from all over the world realize the incredible health benefits that a detox gives to mind, body and spirit.

Detox retreat guests have full access to our beautiful wellness center, situated right next to the beach. The wellness team are on hand whilst you enjoy the view, listen to the ocean, relax on the sofas and hammocks, meet fellow detoxers or even catch up on some work.

Our knowledgeable team will guide you through your chosen plan so you get the most out of your detox retreat.

Detox retreats at the Sanctuary Thailand include yoga, meditation, spa treatments and herbal steams.

Fasting & Cleansing Benefits

A detox retreat of between 5-10 days provides many wellness benefits:

Detoxification of the body * Healthy weight loss * Clearer skin * Increased energy levels * Improved sleep * Reduction of ‘brain fog’ * Better concentration * Improved stamina and body performance * Healing after illness * More balanced emotions

Total Cleanse Detox

At the Sanctuary Thailand, we provide the total cleanse detox experience, including detox and probiotic shakes, herbs, evening vegetable/miso broth, daily colonic sessions and access to our steam room.

On arrival, our wellness team will conduct a pre-fast interview, explain the total cleanse detox process and give you a comprehensive fasting and detox support manual.

Every day the team will support you on your journey to ensure you get the most out of your detox retreat. Before you head home, we will provide a detailed post-cleanse guide and goodie bag of herbs.

You can choose between the Detox program and the all-inclusive Detox package.
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Is Detox Right For Me?

There are many wellness reasons to detox! Some detox simply for weight loss and improvement of digestion.  Others detox for specific reasons such as recovery from a specific disease.  Others come for the over-all wellness benefits such as improved stamina, concentration, body performance, deeper sleep, clearer skin and more balanced emotions. To find out if detox is right for you, check out our program options, as they range from one-day very gentle to complete 10-day cleanses!

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