Detox Holiday Packages

Detox, cleansing & wellness at the Sanctuary Thailand

What kind of detox are you looking for on your holiday?

Remember, the longer the better when it comes to detox, wellness and cleansing. We offer a range of options to suit the amount of time you have.

Spoil yourself this holiday – Get healthy and go home looking and feeling fantastic.

What’s included in our detox and cleansing packages

  • Pre-fast interview with our wellness team, complete with a comprehensive fasting and detox support documents
  • A full program of herbal supplements for detoxication and nutrition
  • Psyllium husk and bentonite clay “shakes” 3 times daily
  • Daily green juice
  • Daily elixir from our elixir menu
  • A colonic treatment daily, with a choice of coffee, neem or apple cider vinegar
  • Full probiotic (intestinal bacteria) replacement program
  • A relaxing space entirely for fasters to relax in, complete with hammocks
  • A full library of fasting, nutrition, alternative medicine, and spiritual literature
  • Complimentary herbal tea menu and fresh filtered spring water
  • Daily visits to our herbal steam room
  • Regular Yoga, Pilates or Workshops
  • Spa treatments or healing sessions
  • Herbal Steam room and infrared tokens
  • Meditations
  • Vegetable/ organic miso broth, shared in the evenings with your fellow fasters
  • Regular support with our wellness team
  • A wheatgrass colonic flush or probiotic enema on your final morning.
  • Post fast sauerkraut bowl
  • A post-cleanse talk guide and goodie bag of take-home herbs

Yoga Holiday Packages

3 Days
7 Days
10 Days

Detox Packages

3.5 Days / 5 NIghts
5.5 Days / 7 NIghts
7.5 Days / 9 Nights
10.5 Days / 12 Nights

3.5 Days
5 Nights
Detox Package

5.5 Days
7 Nights
Detox Package

7.5 Days
9 Nights
Detox Package

10.5 Days
12 Nights
Detox Package