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Detox Retreat

Your Path to Renewal

Detox Retreat

Your Path to Renewal

Best Detox Retreat in Thailand

Join us in a detox retreat where ancient practices and integrative science combine for a fasting detox like no other. Allow us to guide you through a 3 to 10-day journey of renewal, rejuvenation, and self-discovery.

The Sanctuary Thailand is a renowned detox retreat center with over 30 years of experience in fasting cleanse detox programs. We have helped thousands of guests from all over the world realize the incredible health benefits that a detox provides to the mind, body, and spirit.

Benefits of the Detox:

  • Cultivate New Healthy Habits

  • Reset and Rejuvenate

  • Improve Digestion and Gut Health

  • Boosted Energy and Concentration

  • Weight loss & Glycemic Balance
  • Radiant Skin and Reduced Inflammation

  • Preventative Measures for Health

Ayurvedic-Inspired Fasting Approach:

Our fasting program draws inspiration from the wisdom of Ayurvedic medicine. Experience a low glycemic index detox that encompasses vegetable juices, herbal supplements, and healing elixirs. Our drink schedule ensures a steady flow of nourishment throughout the day, as you embark on this transformative journey.

Support and Preparation

Throughout your fasting experience, our caring team stands by your side. Receive a personal wellness consultation upon arrival and post-program guidance to help you maintain your newfound wellness.

Prior to the program, we recommend reducing caffeine intake and choosing light meals like vegetables, fruits, and lean protein. This will help ease your transition into the fasting period.

A hidden gem on a remote beach, free from distractions and worldly noise.

The Detox Retreat is more than a program; it’s an opportunity for renewal. As you engage in a transformative environment and embark on a 3.5 to 10.5-day journey of renewal, rejuvenation, and self-discovery. Your path to holistic wellness begins here.

Post Detox Resources:

Upon program completion, enjoy a one-on-one wellness consultation to create a personalized post-program plan. And end your stay with our cleanse menu aids in your transition back to solid foods, featuring vegan, pescatarian dishes. We recommend staying a minimum of 1 night after the Detox program to maximize the benefits of the retreat.

Beyond Fasting: Plethora of Holistic Components

Welcome and Post Program meals
Wellness consultation & Post-program personalize plan
Daily herbal supplements
Daily psyllium husk and bentonite clay
Daily probiotics shake
Daily green juice and elixir
Daily evening vegetable broth with your fellow fasters
Daily Colonic treatment 1 per day
Complimentary herbal tea menu and electrolytes water
Access to power plate (Lymphatic drainage support machine)
Daily visits to our herbal steam room
Daily Yoga, mindfulness classes
Massage of your choice from our Tree House Spa
Post-program probiotics course to continue back home

Our Detox Retreat Packages

We carefully designed a program that contains holistic components Nutrition, Yoga & Mindfulness, Massages, Treatments, and Healing.

3.5 Day

  • 3.5 day detox program
  • 3 Yoga classes or Workshops
  • 2 Spa treatments (not waxing)
  • 1 Private healing session
  • Daily herbal steam
  • Free meditations
  • Accommodation not included

5.5 Day

  • 5.5 day detox program
  • 4 Yoga classes or Workshops
  • 3 Spa treatments (not waxing)
  • 1 Private healing session
  • Daily herbal steam
  • Free meditations
  • Accommodation not included

7.5 Day

  • 7.5 day detox program
  • 7 Yoga classes or Workshops
  • 5 Spa treatments (not waxing)
  • 1 Private healing session
  • Daily herbal steam
  • Free meditations
  • Accommodation not included

10.5 Day

  • 10.5 day detox program
  • 10 Yoga classes or Workshops
  • 7 Spa treatments (not waxing)
  • 1 Private healing session
  • Daily herbal steam
  • Free meditations
  • Accommodation not included

Recommended Accommodation

We recommend two extra nights on top of your package duration, one for arrival and one for post-program.

Accommodation types
Budget Bungalow Fan-Cooled
Female-only Aircon Dorm
Thai Style Bungalow
Deluxe Aircon Room
Villa Aircon Room
Garden Suite AC
Deluxe Garden Suite AC

We are delighted to offer a 10% discount on the total accommodation price – (Not applicable Dec 15th – Jan 9th)


Leading Practitioner

Nan Tawunrat

Doctor of  Chinese Medicine & Integrative Health & Wellness Consultant

An experienced Chinese medicine practitioner dedicated to guiding individuals on their journey to health and wellness. Graduating from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. With postgraduate studies in Nutrition & Lifestyle medicine specializing in Metabolic syndrome and extended training in nutraceuticals from the Thai Integrative Medical Association. With Nan’s expertise, and caring nature, she offers personalized wellness plans tailored to your needs. Experience the benefits of traditional medicine and tap into your full potential.

BSc: Traditional Chinese Medicine (SHUTCM), CME: Lifestyle medicine: Nutrition & Metabolic syndrome (HMScme), CME: Enzyme therapy, Nutraceutical (TIMA), 80 hours trauma awareness training

Detox FAQ´s.

How should I prepare for my fast?2023-03-26T01:34:27+07:00

For optimal results from the program, we suggest reducing your caffeine intake, particularly coffee and black tea, to lighter options such as green tea or herbal tea at least 3-5 days prior to your arrival. Additionally, we recommend incorporating fiber-rich foods like vegetables and fruits as your main dish. And limiting your protein intake to a small portion on the side. Furthermore, it is advisable to avoid consuming simple carbohydrates like white flour, white rice, alcohol, and dried fruits.

Is Detox right for me?2023-07-24T18:54:35+07:00

In our daily lives, numerous factors can disrupt our detoxification, metabolic, and digestive systems. These factors may include stress, poor dietary and nutritional habits, lack of physical activity, environmental pollution, and personal crises. Living in a stimulating society can also have an impact. The consequences of these disturbances can be observed in your health and well-being. You may find that you cannot handle stress as effectively as before and experience anxiety and depression.

Your sleep patterns may be interrupted, and your elimination may not be as thorough, resulting in more gas, bloating, and indigestion than usual. These are early signs of reduced performance in your digestion, metabolic, and detoxification processes, leading to an accumulation of toxins and an imbalance in your gut flora.

If you are experiencing these symptoms, it may be time to detoxify your body. At The Sanctuary Thailand, a reputable detox retreat center with over 30 years of experience in fasting detox programs. We have helped thousands of guests from all over the world reset, rejuvenate, and achieve their wellness goals. We offer a full fast detox with herbal supplements, elixirs, and daily colonics. You can experience complete elimination and a feeling of wellness with our 3.5-day, 5.5-day, 7.5-day, or 10.5-day programs.

What is a colonic?2023-03-26T01:33:45+07:00

Colonic, also known as colonic irrigation, involves the infusion of water or other liquids into the rectum to flush out the colon. Advocates of the practice believe that it can improve digestive health and overall well-being. Prior to the procedure, a wellness consultant will typically conduct a consultation. Which will ask about your medical history and help complete wellness summary forms.

Are my colonics administered by someone else?2023-03-26T01:59:35+07:00

At our facility, we firmly believe that the colonic process is a personal one, which is why we require our clients to self-administer their colonics. However, rest assured that we provide detailed instructions on how to do it correctly, ensuring that you feel confident and comfortable throughout the process.

What is the difference between a fast, a cleanse and a detox?2023-03-26T02:06:30+07:00

The terms “detox” and “cleanse” refer to dietary and lifestyle practices that help remove toxins or impurities from the body actively.

A detox program involves a short-term dietary plan that aims to eliminate toxins from the body, usually through fasting, juicing and supplements. The primary goal of a detox program is to rid the body of accumulated toxins and reestablish balance in the body’s systems actively.

On the other hand, a cleanse is similar to a detox but usually refers to a more long-term and sustainable approach to a healthy lifestyle. Cleanses typically involve making dietary and lifestyle changes that support the body’s natural detoxification processes. Such as eating a balanced, nutrient-dense diet, staying hydrated, and engaging in regular exercise.

I am confused about the different kinds of detoxes you offer2023-03-26T02:06:11+07:00

Detox Retreat Holiday, available in various lengths ranging from 3.5 to 10.5 days. For an even more personalized experience, you can add special overlays to your program for only 700 baht per day.

If you’re looking for a more gentle approach, try our Gentle Cleanse program. It includes one meal per day and doesn’t involve colonics. As with our Detox program, you can also add overlays to tailor your experience.

Introducing our latest offer, Balance provides delicious and healthy meals from our cleanse menu that are tailored to your body’s specific nutrient needs. We offer keto, vegan, and pescetarian options, and all our meals are gluten-free, dairy-free, and free of refined sugar.

Is accommodation included in my detox?2023-03-26T02:05:49+07:00
Do I get to eat during my detox program?2023-03-26T02:04:20+07:00

Our signature Detox program does not involve eating but instead provides fiber-rich drinks, juice, herbal elixirs, and supplements. However, you can enjoy a delicious vegetable broth in the evenings as a supplement to your cleanse.

If you’re looking for a more lenient approach, our Gentle Cleanse program allows for one meal per day.

Alternatively, our “Balance” program involves eating a standard amount of food to support your body’s natural detoxification processes.

“Discover the Health Benefits of Detox: Enhance Stamina, Concentration, Body Performance, Sleep Quality, and Skin Clarity. Plan your next Detox Holiday Retreat at the Sanctuary Thailand”

What people say about us

I did 5.5 detox retreat. And that was marvellous. I choose this retreat centre instead of others, because of the location. It’s “cut” from the island, you can get here just with the boat. The staff is super friendly and helpful, they really take care of you. Special thanks to Nan, she is super professional, also I did a session acupuncture with her, and that exceeded all expectations. I highly recommend you choose The Sanctuary for your detox retreat.

I’ve just completed the 10 day home detox, which was amazing. Not only did I shed a few pounds, but I now have clarity of mind, focus and feel totally re-energized. The ongoing support from the sanctuary team was really helpful and ensured a smooth journey throughout my 10 days.

Cherie, UK

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    Health Considerations:

    Our program benefits various conditions like candida overgrowth, parasites, and other gut health concerns. However, Sanctuary Wellness Centre is not a medical facility. We are experienced guides who aim to assist you on your personal wellness journey. We do not provide conventional medical services, and we do not claim to cure any chronic or acute diseases. For any pre-exit conditions, we recommend consulting with your health practitioner/ physician before arriving.