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Home Detox Program

We are proud to present our new fully support Online Home Detox Program, which we have taken great care to create packages that including all the necessary information, tools, online support and videos for the whole journey from pre-cleanse to post-cleanse. And what you will need to enjoy a life-changing experience and successful cleanse with us, all from the comfort of your own home!

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Detox at the Sanctuary Thailand

Our centre is run by professionals with passion. The Sanctuary wellness centre has over 20 years of experience in hosting detox and cleansing packages. The wellness centre provides a tranquil space far from any bustle or distractions. Relax, rejuvenate and bond with fellow cleansers. A friend made in detox is a friend for life! Your wellness journey with us, starts here…..

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Wellness blogs, Q&A, tips and tools about detox and cleansing

Is Detox Right For Me?

There are many wellness reasons to detox! Some detox simply for weight loss and improvement of digestion.  Others detox for specific reasons such as recovery from a specific disease.  Others come for the over-all wellness benefits such as improved stamina, concentration, body performance, deeper sleep, clearer skin and more balanced emotions. To find out if detox is right for you, check out our program options, as they range from one-day very gentle to complete 10-day cleanses!

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Wellness Experience Q & A

  • Should I prepare for my Fast?
  • What is a Colonics
  • Are your Colonics administered by someone else
  • Is Accommodation included  my Detox?
  • I am confused between different kinds of Detoxes you offer
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Tongue Scraping – What Is It & Why You Should Try It

Every great detox in Thailand is incomplete without tongue scraping. This technique is great for your health but is also a relaxing addition to your holiday, allowing you to completely reset your body.

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