Feminine Alchemy

A Journey of Feminine Archetypes Activation

24th – 28th July 2017

Koh Phangan, Thailand

“The Feminine nurtures, gives life, and dances in sensual joy–although sometimes Feminine energy is also wild, fierce, or chaotic. The Feminine shines with radiance, or can appear dark and mysterious. The Feminine is the force of life altogether: the healing force of nature, the life-giving force of earth, as well as the force of destruction which re-absorbs that to which it has given birth. A Feminine goddess shines with love’s radiance, opening passageways to the heart.” David Deida

I call all the women who want to awaken, who want to get in touch with their beauty, who want to embody the sacred feminine, who want to feel empower by her gifts

This is a call for all the women who want to create a life filled with joy, beauty and openness; a call for all the sisters who want to discover and embrace with humbleness and total love their Inner Goddess.

1510879_889193561124829_3157691888747377087_nI invite you to fall in love with yourself, to discover the depths of your being, to get in touch with the power of your femininity. Because we are so beautiful, so wise, so full of energy and joy… but sometimes we forget this. We will create a sacred circle of sisters to access the wisdom, the power of feminine energy and to discover who and how we are…

Each of us has our own fragrance, our own gifts, our own beauty, our own uniqueness. Let’s celebrate them!

Many of us live our life being someone else, trying to fit some social programs, trying to be our mother, father, teacher, lovers, who society told us that we are or who we have to be. And when we try to be something else other than our own essence, life becomes hard and confusing and we might have the feeling of being lost, incomplete, numbed or living someone else’s life.

This 5-day workshop is an opportunity to look deep inside and discover with curiosity and honesty: who we really are, what is our fragrance, what we want, what are our drama stories and our masks, what are our gifts, what makes us scared, what wounds do we need to heal to return in our heart, what being vulnerable and alive really means. This is a journey of experience and will challenge your social programming to awaken your unique feminine power!


A space where no one will tell you how to be, what to feel, how to behave… A safe, loving, playful space  where you can discover the beautiful amazing woman that you already are!….

A woman needs in her exploration and journey to the Mature Feminine Expression:

A safe and secure space for her to access, experience and express what is within

Time and patience. Feminine energy needs time to open up, needs time to connect with her depths.

Instead of jumping to fast conclusions, we will Feel, Experience, and let go slowly of false expressions and social programming until we discover our authenticity, our core; who we really are in this moment

To be playful and learn to express different feminine expression that we never gave our selves permission to explore. In this way we can accept our shadow feminine expressions

To be seen.We need to be seen, accepted by a witness in order to be able to accept and love the parts inside of us. To let ourselves be seen in our vulnerability, in our wildness, with our tears and pain, with our sensuality, with our open heart, to OWN these parts of our Being.


“Goddess work is about balancing the higher spirituality with the grounded human experience, as well as balancing and aligning outer activity with inner reality, and vice versa. Goddess spirituality is also about learning again to value and open ourselves to love, compassion, nurture and such receptive qualities, and overcoming our fear of true intimacy. It is about recovering the ability to once again really and truly listen, rather than constantly make noise, construct beliefs, manipulate our perceptions and keep ourselves busy.” Source here

In our journey toward Feminine Alchemy we will take Awake the power and the gifts of Feminine Archetypes and we will us integrate shadows and complete the stories.

We start from the roots – The Inner Girl – the early years and we will have a look of the relationship with our mother and the believes we build about love, live, being a women. We will get back from this aspect the innocent expression and the playfulness.

We blossom into the shy/curious Adolescent and we explore our dreams, illusion and stories about relationships and sex. We take a close look to our relationship with our own body, shame and we will find our Voice. We take back from this aspect the gifts of curiosity and courage.

We move into the Raw Wild Women and we dance our inner chaos, boundaries and we connect with the Inner Power. We will explore our sensuality, our sexual needs and we will create a bridge between our vagina and our heart. We take back from this aspect the gifts of confidence and juiciness.

We let the Mature Lover to open the doors of our heart and we will explore the love stories/drama and the real intimacy. We take back from this aspect the gifts of Love, receptivity.

In the last day we let the Mother Archetype to teach us how to hold space for ourselves and the others and we will activate trough rituals and invocation the Goddess energy in our live. We will explore the power of creative feminine and manifestation the life we want.


We begin each day with Active meditations to awake the body and clean/activate the energy body in order to create connection with our Essence

During workshop sessions, we will engage in a variety of group processes, guided inquiry, NLP exercises, Trauma Release Exerxises sessions, dance, role play, meditation, journaling, dressing up, creativity and intuitive exercises.

We will share personal stories and insights, work in pairs and be present to our and the group process.

Is a dinamic process of exploring different aspects of yourself in order to give them life fully and drama free while your moving into your Feminine Alchemy


Flow of the Day

8:00 – 9:00 Active meditations

9:00 – 10:30 Breakfast break or free time

10:30 – 13:00 Group Session

13:00 – 15:00 Lunch group break (Sanctuary Restaurant)

15:30 – 18:30 Group Session


Optional evening classes: 

24th July, Monday 8 – 9pm – New Moon Ceremony 

28th Friday 6.30 – 8.30pm – Archetype Bliss Dance Alchemy


We will create a sacred space for each women on their own journey.

*** Each group is different and depending on the needs we will concentrate more on some feminine aspects.

Please make sure you can attend all the sessions. The workshop is 20% theoretical and 80% experiential so get ready to expand!

Facilitator: Lia Bolte


Originally from Romania, she arrived in the jungle of Thailand at the end of 2012. She was suppose to stay for 3 months…but after 4 years she is still here…being inspired of nature, freedom and smiles.

After 10 years of creating learning experiences for personal expansion and teaching women groups in Romania, in the end of 2016 she founded Sanctuary for Women with the clear intention to create the Safe Space for women to rest, to experience themselves, to dance, to wonder, to expand and to taste the Magic of live.

Certified Women Tao/Tantra Facilitator, TRE® certified facilitator, Lia invite you for a beautiful, playful and colorful adventure – to meet your Feminine Essence!

Her last 7 years have been a journey inwards to unlock her Feminine gifts and love for life.

She has been study taoist practices and sacred sexuality with Minke de Vos and Shashi Solluna, Breath and Tantra with Devapath, Inner child healing with Anando, Tantra energy alchemy with Spersa, Mindfulness and primal de-conditioning with Kaifi Iraklis, Sacred Mystical Dance with Monika Nataraj, 5 elements dance with Daisy Kaye,  tantra with Ma Ananda Sarita, TRE with Fiona Leibowitz. She has been learning from nature, from friends, from travel, from lovers and from her family.

She supports her sessions & groups with a strong, grounded presence in conjunction with an open, compassionate heart plus an abundance of joy & craziness.

She lives most of the time on the tropical island of Koh Samui, Thailand together with her partner and their cat, where she holds women circles, women retreats, online programs… The rest of the time she travels, teach, discover…

Cost and Booking Information

Full workshop price – 28,000 Thai baht

****If you are living in the tri-bay area and want to attend this journey the bay discount is applicable.

The price includes:

– Welcome dinner on the 23rd of July

– every day delicious group lunch @Sanctuary Restaurant

– every day special treats & gifts

– healthy tea during the classes

– free steam room access

– 5 morning active meditations

– 5 day workshop program (34 hours)

– materials for the workshops

***Price excludes transportation, accommodation & paypal/bank fees

If you would like to book a speed boat transfer please contact us and we can arrange for you.


Please secure your spot with a non-refundable 8000 thai baht deposit. Deposits ca be send via Pay-pal or online transfer via  transferwise/xendpay

Balance in full is due 30-days prior to retreat (June 23, 2017).

To complete your SIGN UP please send Lia an email to lia@magiceventsasia.com


Accommodation is not included within the price of this workshop.

Sanctuary offer a different range of options from lush jungle houses, to open bungalows, beautiful garden suite with AC suites, ocean views and shared dormitory… there is something for everyone.. it really depends what you want to Experience..

Have a look on their Accommodation page to see what they offer and then book with us to get a 10% discount.

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