About this Detox

For those who prefer not to do a full detox and colonic program, this cleanse includes one light meal a day and no colonics. Ideal for those wanting a more gentle approach. This cleanse can be done for the length of time that suits you.

Package Includes

  • Prefast interview and consultation
  • A complete program of herbal supplements for detoxification and nutrition
  • 3 Psyllium shakes
  • Coconut with Spirulina
  • Lymphatic Flush juice
  • Lunch: choose from raw food, fruit or a simple soup from the cleansing menu
  • Full probiotic replacement program
  • A relaxing space entirely for fasters to hang out in, complete with hammocks
  • A full library of fasting, nutrition, alternative medicine, and spiritual literature
  • On-demand herbal tea and fresh filtered spring water
  • Complimentary visits to our herbal steam room
  • A vegetable broth, shared in the evenings with your fellow fasters
  • Constant supervision and support

The Schedule

Days 1 – 7

7:00am: Shake
8:30am: Herbs
1:00pm: Lunch
2:30pm: Herbs
2:50pm: Fresh juice
4:00pm: Shake
5:30pm: Herbs
5:50pm: Coconut with Spirulina
7:00pm: Vegetable Broth
9.30pm: Probiotic

Day 8 (or last day) 

Psyllium Shake
Probiotic tonic drink
A colonic may be added to this cleanse, usually at the end of the programme, for 700 Bt


The Gentle Cleanse costs 2,250 Baht per day or 7 days for 15,700 Baht.

Detox programs are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

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