Nolita Ananda – Jade Egg Yoni Yoga, Gentle Heart Flow

Gentle Heart Flow with Nolita Ananda

Duration: 55 minutes
Level: Beginner – Intermediate
Required Equipment: Yoga matt, Jade Egg
1 year streaming with rental


Nolita Ananda is the founder of Secrets Of Jade, the online Yoni Egg shop. Here, she guides you through various Jade Egg exercises. Nolita uses her 10 years of yoga teaching experience combined with her Jade Egg wisdom to create a very gentle yoga flow with focus on traditional Jade Egg practices. Session begins with a Heart Blessing meditation and finishes with a deep and peaceful Savasana to leave you feeling relaxed and nourished.
If you enjoy a gentle yoga and class want to connect deeper to your sacred femininity, you will love this Jade Egg Yoni Yoga Class. Perfect for any level of Jade Egg practice.