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Working as a Healer

When we see and receive feedback about the healing journeys that some of our guests here embark upon during their time with us it makes us proud of what we do.   After being birthed by Shashi Solluna around 6 years ago The Tea Temple has seen countless heart, body and soul openings.  Because of this we now have a reputation amongst practitioners of many healing modalities as centre of healing and as such receive applications everyday from healers all around the world to join our team.     This piece is intended to guide healers on how to become part of the team here and to explain a little about how things work in this unique place in Thailand.
The Team here at the Tea Temple is like a family.   Many of our healers are friends or ex colleagues of others that have healed here or healers who have trained in their healing modality since discovering the centre here.  We look for a combination of experience and embodiment. Please understand that we do not take on healers who have certification but who have not integrated their practice into their own lives. We look for healers who have a lot of presence, cultivated through one’s own practice, meditation and conscious living…you can only hold space for others if you can hold space for yourself. We have a high standard here and our participants trust us to guide them safely: creating space for opening and transforming, whilst at the same time holding a deeply conscious space.
While we sometimes offer positions on the team to healers that we have never met and do not come to us through a trusted friend it is not the norm.    We often write back to healing applications asking that they come to us to introduce themselves in person, give one of the team a session and hang out in the area for sometime in order that we get to know them.  But we recognise that making ends meet without working is not a given and this is sometimes not an option for people.
So we find ourselves asking “how can we remain open to new energies on the team but keep the family vibe that we seek to nurture alive?”.  The answer is that we read each application in detail and sometimes something resonates with us here and there is a space on the team coming up and we can make something happen without meeting.  However, this is not the norm.
The healers who work from the The Tea Temple are all freelance,  none are employed, housed or fed by the resort.  Those on the healing team are eligible for a 20% discount on resort services and food.   The Sanctuary takes a 30% commission for all sessions that are booked through the Sanctuary and for any sessions that you transmit while you are part of the team here.  As well as offering private sessions the healing team also offers a weekly program of workshops to the guests here ( Often these are collaborations between colleagues ) and are responsible for delivering varied group meditation sessions. Sessions are 1- 1½ hours long and healers are required to offer three sessions per shift, minimum three shifts per week.
This island is unique – yoga, backpackers and parties – The Sanctuary is certainly different from traditional retreats in that there are many tourists and long termers who are here at least in part for the party energy as well as the healing energy or not here for healing at all .  If you really are done with parties or not comfortable in a space where on a friday night the local area has a loud all night party then this little slice of paradise might not be for you. Many of us enjoy waking up at sunrise and going to the parties to dance together while others look to spend the party nights away from the area.  But you need to know that these things are going on – it’s not an ashram.    We might like to consider the Tea Temple as the healing area of a slowly simmering continuous festival.
Please fill in this questionnaire, and then arrange a meeting with the management of the Tea Temple.  We ask for a sample healing session to experience your work directly.  Thank you for taking the time to complete it.. Please understand that we are not testing you, but finding out more about you in order that we can support all of our participants.

Full Passport Name:

What do you like to be called:


Thai mobile no:

Healing modalities in which you hold a certificate:




Are you an accredited therapist? Please add details of relevant trainings, including the no. of hours (or years for longer courses) in each training. e.g. Thai massage (30 hours), Osteopathy (4 years):
If you have not completed accredited trainings, how did you receive the empowerment to offer sessions (apprenticeships etc)?:

What is your previous therapy/healing experience? Please state details: did you work in a spa/ healing centre/ medical establishment/ on retreats/ privately

Which retreat centres, healing centres or other organizations have you taught through?
How long is an average session?

How many sessions is the maximum you have given daily on a regular basis?
What is your personal regular practice, and how often do you practice:

What is your experience with silent meditation and silent retreats?

What do you intend for your clients to gain from your sessions?
What makes you choose The Sanctuary
All of the above information is correct and true to date, and relevant information has not been deliberately  omitted.

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Once you have completely the questionnaire, please make an appointment with the management for a meeting. If we come to a mutual agreement, then we will request that you complete an integration period as a participant before starting to facilitate your own classes.
References:Please give name, location, email address of two referees. What was their role in relation to you? What position did you hold?