By combining mindfulness and spending time in nature, we can obtain better health on various levels.

  • Have you ever considered practicing complete somatic mindfulness in nature?
  • Have you stopped to meditate on the unique and profound features of the natural world around you: the bark of a tree, a slight wind in the air, the sound of an animal, the difference from  one leaf to another?
  • Have you considered how you can use the richness of the jungle to improve your health?

Jungle Bathing practice  has little to do with water, rather it is one where we are invited to  “bathe” all of our senses in the beauty of Mother Nature . This step into nature invites us to smell the trees, touch the ground, taste the air; we learn more the delicacy of our senses as we quieten to our minds and move into the body space.  We spend time each day breathing, stretching, vibrating, sensing, listening, tasting, connecting, creating and quietening, and afterwards we end with a ritual steam in the hammam (steam room).

A study conducted across 24 forests in Japan found that when people walked in a wooded environment, their levels of the stress hormone cortisol dropped almost 16% more than when they walked in an urban environment. The Participants’ blood pressure also showed significant improvement after about 15 minutes of the practice. One of the most significant benefits comes from breathing in chemicals called phytoncides, emitted by trees and plants. According to one study, women who spent two to four hours in a forest on two consecutive days saw a nearly 40 percent surge in the activity of cancer-fighting white blood cells.

“Phytoncide exposure reduces stress hormones, indirectly increasing the immune system’s ability to kill tumor cells” Tokyo-based researcher Qing Li, MD, PhD


Facilitator: Fiona Leibowitz

Trauma Release Exercises for Sexual Trauma Thailand

Fiona Leibowitz is a Relationship and Sexuality Counsellor and Global Certification Trainer for TRE® – Trauma /Tension Release Exercises.  She has been working with Taoist Tantra for 25 years, and  created “Nectar – Sexual Wisdom & Alchemy”, an understanding into the potency of sexual energy for health purposes.  She believes these meditations and practices key in maintaining a healthy sense of Sexual-Self, as well as physically and emotionally balancing our sexual and creative energies.

In 2008 she added TRE® – Trauma/Tension Release Exercises to her practice, and acknowledges it as a powerful somatic tool for optimal emotional and physical health.

“Somatic exploration, allows our bodies to “simply” dialogue, via its most natural and organic mechanism – home. This is true “Self-Healing”.
As a a Global Certification Trainer for TRE®, Fiona does much travel internationally, and tries, as much as is possible, to assist in communities in need.  Her work aims to explore dysfunctions of the body-mind that may be causing aspects of disease, imbalance and stuckness in the body and in life.
In her sessions, workshops and retreats, she offers powerful tools to reduce stress, tension, pain and other adverse affects of trauma. Her approach to healing is profoundly holistic and empowering – In the field of her practice she also works with Kinesiology (the transformation of information stored on a cellular level), Chi nei Tsung (Taoist visceral massage), Cranio Sacral Therapy and Psychic Surgery . These methodologies aim to uncover deep seated blockages, manifesting often as pain,depression, addictive behaviors, obsessive compulsive disorders, eating disorders or persistent health difficulties. Visit her website

Cost and Booking Information

Full price –6,600 Thai baht

It includes:

  • 2 Day guided Jungle Quest
  • 2 group picnic Lunches in the jungle
  • 2 Steam Rituals

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