Haad Tien Bay – Home of The Sanctuary Thailand

Haad Tien Bay Sunrise

Paradise found…


Haad Tien Bay is situated on the east coast of Koh Phangan – an island known for its Thai friendliness and, more recently, for its famous full moon parties in Haad Rin.

The bay is two beaches away from Haad Rin and therefore offers the best of both worlds – the chance to experience the clubs and parties of Haad Rin, and yet you can easily return to the peace and tranquility of an unspoiled island bay with excellent swimming, snorkelling and relaxation facilities.

You can also walk to Why Nam Beach and Haad Yuan Beach – along with Haad Tien, these 3 bays make up our small community. Why Nam is very small and peaceful, with just one bungalow resort and a restaurant. Haad Yuan is more developed, and great for swimming. We encourage you to walk, explore, and enjoy everything our 3 bays has to offer!

There are several different budget bungalow resorts in Haad Tien all offering a unique style of food, accommodation and an assortment of extras.

The beach is kept clean and we all endeavor to take care of ecological waste and, through cooperation, keep this bay very special for all of our visitors and long term residents. In addition to providing a family-type atmosphere, it is a unique place in a fast-changing world.

Theft within the Bay is practically unknown as access is limited to boats, or a stiff jungle walk.


Love Lip Resort

Love Lip is named after the owner’s two children. They have a nice selection of bungalows each with flush-toilets and fans for 350 – 500 Baht per night. The bungalows are built out of traditional materials, giving Love Lip a very Thai flavor. The buildings are spaced out, allowing visitors privacy within their huts. Some bungalows are on ground level and some cascade down the hillside, offering beautiful views over the bay.

The restaurant is Thai style and is known for its authentic recipes of meat, fish and vegetarian dishes.

Family Bungalows

Just next to Love Lip and before you get to our Tea Temple in the gardens, you will find Family Bungalows, who also have a small selection of budget bungalows for 350 – 500 Baht per night.

Spice Restaurant and Bungalows

Spice is a fantastic restaurant located on the path between the beach and our gardens, open evenings only. They serve freshly barbecued fish, great salads, and good quality meat – if your carnivorous streak needs occasional feeding!
Spice also has a small number of bungalows which are occasionally available – you can enquire in their restaurant.