Life Coach Certificate Training with Nina Madden

8 – 13 October 2017

Life Coaching is one of the most rewarding careers you can have. As a Life Coach you help your clients who are stuck get in touch with how they want their lives to be, and support them to create a life that is true reflection of all that they are. It is a fun and practical discipline where you see results straight away.

Who is this Life Coach Certificate for?

This Life Coach Certification is ideal if who want to become an effective change worker helping people transform their lives. It is perfect for qualified NLP Practitioners and NLP Master Practitioners, however, you do not need any previous experience of coaching or NLP to attend.

This Life Coaching certificate training is based around the most effective coaching model, the TGROW model. You will learn how to structure a session using the TGROW model which is a solid, but flexible enough framework within which you can use any other methodology.

“It was amazing. Once I figured out how to use the model it all just clicked. I didn’t get lost anymore with my sessions and it just became so easy!” – Mariana Moras, Life Coaching graduate 2016.

This is why we love the TGROW model. If you are a social worker, counsellor, psychologist, or working in any capacity where you are supporting others, this life coach certification will dramatically improve the results that you are already getting with your clients because it will work beautifully with what you already know. Life Coaching is a discipline which teaches people to become more empowered, to take charge of their lives, get out of victim mode and to begin to live life the way they want to.

“The TGROW model is in my opinion the best and most empowering model of coaching available.” – Nina Madden

It is an open framework that moves with the person through the session, and it is open enough to incorporate virtually any other discipline. This means that you can incorporate EFT, IEMT, NLP, Clean Language, Three Principles, Mindfulness, Yoga-therapy, Matrix re-imprinting, any faith-based approaches or any other methods that you would like to use.

What you will learn on your Life Coaching Certificate

You will learn how to hold the space for the client to allow the client to be fully present, and explore their innermost dreams and ambitions. You will learn how to facilitate that place of trust where the client is able to share things with you that they don’t share with anyone else.

The ability to create a safe space is a skill that not everyone possesses, but it is something that can be developed. It is in a safe space the client can be fully present and honest and this is the foundation for where real change can occur.

Deep listening is part of creating the safe space. How do you listen not just to the story but to everything beneath that story? The fears, the hopes, the dreams? Everything that is not being said?

 Questioning skills

How do you ask that one thing, or say that one thing that helps the client have the insights that they need, to come to the awareness that will give them strength, and help them access the courage within to make the changes they need? How do you say that one thing that leads the client to the forgiveness or the acceptance they need?

How do you allow the client to find their own way to their realizations and insights, being there for them, but without directing them?

 Directing the client towards learning and facilitating change

How do you position the client as the agency for their own change, how do you lead them to claim their own power, making them leaders of their own lives. How do you ensure that they become independent of you and how they become their own wise guides in life?

 Designing true “soul-goals”

We all have a reason for being here. Something that is bigger and beyond the present moment right here and right now. We all have a calling of some sort, something beautiful and uniquely us, something to bring to the planet that nobody else but us can bring. You will learn tools and techniques to help the client access what is really important to them and to find their meaning and their reason for being here. This is the process of creating true soul-goals, goals that are beyond just the actions, the achievement, the progression. Goals that mean something, that fill life with meaning and reason, that brings beauty and wonder to the planet – that allows your client to be who they really are.

 Evaluating the current situation – Reality Checking

This section is about exploring clients reality and their ways forward and provides real value to the client as you explore the facts, feelings, skills – current and lacking, thinking – strategies, helpful, non-helpful, obstacles – real and imagined, successes – past and learnings, failures, limiting beliefs, fears, supportive people, obstructive people environment, resource current and lacking and more. This is a big area that is often overlooked both in therapy and coaching and where you can provide real value to the client.

 Action Planning, goal setting and designing strategies

These are the practical steps of constructive, pragmatic and clear thinking. Here you will help the client move forward through goals, action plans and strategies.

Empowerment principles

You have certain principles that you hold dear, that give you a way of being in the world that is authentic, real, and empowered. Empowerment is the key to success. Where we have the skills, the tools and the techniques to set goals that are meaningful and to achieve those goals. Living truthfully and empowered you can create real, authentic and meaningful goals. These are certain beliefs and attitudes towards life and towards the world and humanity at large which create success or failure, effective communication and harmonious collaborative relationships.


“The Life Coach certificate training for me was amazing, from the first day to the last, it was eyes opening to my own soul. I could realise what I was doing to myself, that I was the only one stopping myself from growth and fulfilment. He models and techniques Nina used were at the same time simple but really powerful. Now I don’t know my future, I don’t know exactly what to expect from the world around me, but I know fully how I am today and where I want to go, now I acknowledge my skills, my power and capability to make it happen. Because it is life we are talking about, our life and our roles in it. Thank you Nina for your patience and amazing work as a coach.” Mariana Moras – Life Coach certification training, January 2016

Cost and Booking Information

The cost for this training, including 2 meals a day, yoga and spa treatments is 900 GBP.

Registration is now open. To register please email mail@ninamadden.com or call +44 (0) 7906 255 529


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