Life Reboot for women with Wendy May

5-11 December 2016

Retreat yourself to the Life Reboot experience and shift the meaning of work.

Move from balancing work-life to becoming your life’s work.

Are you tired of working for the weekend, and hungry for a work-life with more freedom and fulfillment?

Life Reboot is a 5-day transformational retreat experience for on-purpose women who want to shift the meaning of work.

Are you caught up in the daily grind of surviving, and curious to explore how you could be thriving?

This retreat will provide structure with plenty of space for your own process.

Are you ready to examine your patterns and embrace your potential for a life of impact and contribution?

Life Reboot exists to help women live into their capacity to express, give and create value through meaningful work.

Are you longing for a community of like-hearted women to reflect, support and share with on your journey?

The other women who attend this retreat will become your teachers, your students, your friends and your sisters… because change is heart work, and we need to do it together.

Who should attend

This retreat experience is for women who are hungry for more freedom and deeper fulfillment in their work-lives, and who are seeking a spark to ignite authentic and sustainable change – whether that change means a new venture, a new role, or a new perspective.

If you sense a shift is needed for you to create the life and do the work that you want, but you feel “stuck” and overwhelmed, this is the perfect place to start.

Find connection and inspiration here and give yourself a real reboot! The small group setting is a safe place for participants to explore what’s possible.

  • Retreat yourself to daily yoga, meditation and movement practice.
  • Immerse your senses in surroundings that are rich with natural beauty.
  • Take time to disconnect from the daily grind, relax and nourish your body.
  • Learn practices and tools to help you ignite freedom and creativity.
  • Build life-long connections with like-hearted women.

What we’re up to

The Life Reboot retreat focuses on four main themes: connection with self, connection with creativity, connection with abundance and connection with purpose. Our goal is to guide you in:

  • Identifying habits, patterns or beliefs standing in the way of you making meaningful work and life change (SELF)
  • Embodying and nurturing the flow of your creative energy so you can tap directly into your inner fire (CREATIVITY)
  • Merging the practical and purposeful, and connecting with resources to support you on your path (ABUNDANCE)
  • Exploring and clarifying your unique gifts and desires and the contribution you can make to the world (PURPOSE)

It’s important to also clarify what this isn’t intended to be. It’s not some kind of silver bullet, and it’s not magic! Please don’t use this as therapy or a substitute for therapy.

“The Life Reboot experience really helped me to step into – and to fully own – my purpose, my passion, my power, my path.”Rose
“I have never felt so nourished and energized on a trip before. I truly took time to take care of me and it was a beautiful experience.”Marisa
“As a facilitator, Wendy is kind, safe, supportive, and knowledgeable. She gently encouraged us to push through fears and discomfort.” Kathy

Booking Information

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