2.5 day Liver Flush at The Sanctuary

Liver Flush Detox

One of the main functions of the liver is to remove and breakdown environmental and internal toxins from the blood. This imposes a large burden on the liver day to day, as your liver is effectively your bodies filter and taking specific care of it once in a while is a great wellness gift to your body. In our Program you will be cleansing the liver of gallstones which dramatically eliminates congestion in the bile ducts, improves the functioning of the liver and digestion, which is the basis of your whole health. You may find that your allergies disappear too, more with each cleanse you do! Incredibly, it also improves the skin, the eyes and may reduce shoulder, upper arm, and upper back pain. In general you will have more energy and increased sense of wellbeing.

A liver cleanse is advised for those who may consume above regular amounts of alcohol or drugs or who have been exposed to toxic chemicals or mold. It is also beneficial for those eating fried foods, a lot of cheese or processed foods. Indications could be bloating, constipation alternating with diarrhea and with bad smelling stools. Also having a sensitivity to oily foods, skin or eye issues and perhaps emotional anger and irritation can be symptoms.

On our program we prepare you for the flush with herbal teas, elixirs of turmeric and beetroot/ milk thistle and raw apple cider vinegar that contains malic acid which is needed to soften the gall stones and open the bile ducts. The actual flush is the classic Epsom salts and olive oil/ lime drinks, followed by coffee colonic and electrolytes and probiotics in the morning to aid recovery.

Package Includes

  • Intake process and guidance throughout the process
  • Herbal teas specifically for the liver
  • 8 elixir drinks to prepare the liver
  • Raw apple cider vinegar drinks
  • 4 glasses of Epsom Salt water
  • A large Olive Oil shake, prepared with limes.
  • Coffee colonic
  • Prebiotic-psyllium shake
  • Electrolyte drinks of coconut- lime-salt, coconut kafir or Enzyme drinks
  • Full library of books on nutrition, fasting, alternative medicine.
  • Herbal teas and filtered spring water
  • Complementary visit to the steam room

The Schedule

As this flush may be done as part of your Detox or as an Independent stand-alone process. It involves 1.5 days of preparation in which you follow your regular program; 1/2 day of fasting; an evening of the actual flush ; and 1/2 day of recovery.  We also offer a day time option for those who wish closer supervision.

Day 1

Continue your normal Detox program with addition of the following OR if on an independent program eat breakfast from our special light selection of meals which contain no fats or proteins and add the following

8.30 am : Herbal liver tea and collect your apple cider vinegar drink to drink throughout the day

11.30 am : Beet & milk thistle elixir

2.30 pm : turmeric elixir

5.30 pm : Beet & milk thistle elixir

8.30 pm : Herbal liver tea and collect your apple cider vinegar drink to drink throughout the next day

Day 2

Continue as above till 2pm, after which you will take nothing but water till you take the flush ingredients at 6 pm etc

2 pm: Begin fasting for the rest of the day
6 pm: Drink one glass of Epsom Salt water
8 pm: Drink another glass of Epsom Salt water and pick up your olive oil shake.

9:45pm: Get ready for bed.
10 pm:  Drink olive oil shake and go straight to bed

Day 3

7 am: Epsom salt water
9 am: Epsom salt water

9 am : coffee colonic

10 am : electrolyte drink

11 am : probiotic psyllium drink

1 pm: You can now continue with your regular detox  program or begin eating again.


The Liver Cleanse costs 3,500 THB.

Our detox program rates are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

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