NLP Practitioner Training with Nina Madden

8-13 October 2017

Qualify as an NLP Practitioner in Thailand

What is NLP?

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) has changed the lives of thousands of people worldwide and is said to be the most valuable set of skills, tools and techniques ever put together. It is fast, it is effective and fun.

Once you’ve done your NLP Practitioner training, you’ll have some powerful skills and abilities to affect your communication with others and improve every area of your life in ways that will astonish you and those around you. NLP can be likened to a ‘tool box’ of mental, emotional and physical skills, tools and techniques collected from all forms of effective excellence in all walks of life. It is the study of what works well and what works quickly. It is about looking for excellence in people and then modelling that excellence so it can be replicated for use by and for the benefit of and others, including yourself.

The secrets behind success, achievement and brilliant human performance of every description have been studied and modeled by NLP masters, and all of these results have been reduced to simple, effective strategies that you will learn during your training. The secrets of what makes great people great, what makes happiness and how to master your life are in the NLP toolkit for you to learn. Your NLP training will teach you the methodology for you to learn and discover how to succeed and excel in your particular field of expertise.

During your NLP Practitioner Certification training you will learn:

  • Confidence
  • The ‘flow state’ or the ‘zone’
  • Intuition – untrained and trained
  • Making people like you
  • Repairing troubled relationships
  • Building good strong relationships
  • Communicating excellently and effectively
  • Writing fantastic, moving speeches, letters and adverts
  • Persuading and influencing others
  • Getting rid of unwanted habits and behaviour
  • Recovering from past hurts, disappointments and traumas
  • Coping well with criticism and compliments
  • Gaining personal power and magnetism
  • Choosing great states and moods at will
  • Understanding yourself and others
  • Getting rid of the blocks that hold you back
  • Eliminating fears and phobias
  • Clear thinking for better decision making
  • Taking stock of your life and aligning yourself with your values
  • Resolving conflict and also resolving inner conflict
  • Finding effective solutions to problems
  • Change limited and fearful thinking
  • Overcome anxiety and lack of self confidence
  • Upgrading self-image and installing more self esteem
  • Influencing, helping others
  • And so much more

Internationally Recognised NLP Practitioner Certification

Your NLP Practitioner certification is accredited by the American Board of NLP the ABNLP, and we are also registered training provider with the independent body for NLP in the UK the ANLP. This means that you gain a professional qualification which is internationally recognised and can start seeing paying clients straight away. As part of our support you will also receive two years free mentoring and support to take your NLP to where you want it to go.


“The experience was wonderful. I learned a ton and definitely got inspired for my personal life as well as my career. One of the most valuable things Nina does is speak in quotes – that makes it relatable and at the same time invites us to think about the topic in our own terms, in our own mind. Nina really made form my own thought process instead of telling me how things are, which is so much more powerful. I especially liked that we got to experience NLP as well as learn the theory. The topics were clear and the drawings and note cards helped a lot. I feel confident to practice the material with some review. The training venue was a beautiful environment, definitely. It was an inspiring place to learn and practice NLP. I felt very safe with my belongings and on the island in general and the staff were very friendly.” Adriana Delor, Los Angeles  – NLP Practitioner Certification – Thailand October 2016

“I think NLP worked so well because with guidance you finally realize that you have the power within yourself to affect your situation, it is not a magical drug that is prescribed but you face your fears and deal with things in your past that have been holding you back. You understand the cause and effect of how you ended up where you are today. It is this empowering wisdom that enables you to keep progressing after the sessions have ended and you are again faced with the real world. Through Nina’s excellent guidance I had found my inner strength, and things that before seemed impossible now are achievable. You are no longer a victim of things that have happened in the past but in control and in charge of your own life and how you choose to live it.” – Marianne Bengtson, NLP Client 2014

Cost and Booking Information

The cost for this training, including 2 meals, yoga and spa treatments a day is 1300 GBP.

Registration is now open. To register please email mail@ninamadden.com or call +44 (0) 7906 255 529

Full outline of the training can be found here: NLP Practitoner Certification.


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