From now on, we’ll be offering two LIVE classes from our Jungle Studio each Saturday & Sunday.

In addition, we’ll still have Daisy streaming in on Mondays for a Meditation & Movement session and Randall on Saturdays for a Swara Yoga class.

Please find our schedule for the upcoming week below!

And please also check our social media accounts for last minute updates.

Thank you!

Upcoming LIVE stream

Access our Mindful Movement, Meditation and Talks by clicking the button below.

You can find the full schedule for the week below.

Enjoy !!

The Sanctuary Crew xx

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Saturday & Sunday
Yoga Class 1: 3pm Bangkok Time 

∣ 9am London ∣ 10am Rest of Europe ∣ 6pm Sydney

Yoga Class 2: 5pm Bangkok Time 

∣ 11pm London ∣ 12pm Rest of Europe

8pm Sydney 

Jade Egg session with Nolita

Brief description of the class & Objection

Duration: 45 minutes

Record date: 5 June 2020

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Mindful Movement, Yoga and Meditations
Please see the times & the schedule for the different classes we are offering below.
All LIVE Streams are shown in Bangkok Time


9am – Nolita: Free Talk about Jade Egg

3pm – Nolita: Vinyasa Flow

10pm – Randall: Swara Yoga (**only live on our Facebook page**)


3pm – Sophie: Yin Yoga

5pm – Caroline: Anahata Yoga ‘Body Healing Yoga Nidra’

Available LIVE Replays

Teachers and Styles

Aanahata Yoga with Caroline
Breath and Embodiment Yoga with Gypsy
Chillates with Doron
Yin Yoga with Sophie
Divine & Align Yoga with Eliza
Cosmos Flow Yoga with Francie
Breath and Flow Yoga with Randall

Available LIVE Replays

Anahata Yoga with Caroline

A delightful heart opening  sequence from Anahata Yoga with Caroline in our jungle studio here at the Sanctuary Thailand.

Duration: 70 minutes

Recorded live on: 4 May 2020

Cosmic Flow Yoga with Francie.

Yin Yoga with Sophie.