Online sessions


Sometimes is not so easy to return to Paradise…we know it..

If you can’t get this year on our magic beach but you miss the Tea Temple crew yes off course we will miss you <3
But you can still work online with our Tea Temple therapists or stay connected with them. They might teach in your city



Simon Becker – yoga and online teaching –

Sebastian Bruno – Thai yoga massage, chi nei sang –

Malika B – intuitive readings, theta healing, angel, tarot reading –

Peter Clifford – Anahata yoga –

Silvia Christmann – Coaching for conscious business –

Victoria Laloe – Astrology, NlP coaching and hypnotherapy  –

Daisy Kaye -Cacao dance, 5 elements massage, feminine coaching,

Catherine Heartwood  Ayurveda and nutrion consultations, products-

Layla Martin –

Merkaba –

Kimmana Nichols is sharing Holistic Wisdom that is changing lives across the world. Find more here  –

Cathy Pearson  –  Transforming Cellular Healing Therapy –

Glynn Ryland – Tarot reading and NLP coaching –

Ushma –  Yoga, pilates, emotional release and life couching – Skype Id: premushma

Shashi Solluna – tantra&tao arts –

Greg Williams -Qi medicine, acupuncture –