Path of the Mystic

with Malika

27th February – 1st March 2017

“A mystic is someone who has the suspicion that the apparent brokenness, discord, and discontinuities of everyday life conceal a hidden unity. Just beneath the surface, everything is joined to everything else. To a mystic, what we call reality is really only the myriad refractions of that ultimate, underlying unity.” Lawrence Kushner

The path of the Mystic is the path of those who want to connect with the art of knowing, receiving communication and guidance from within, connecting to Truth. Mystics are often not satisfied with knowledge that comes from books but what they want is the kind of certainty that comes only from direct experience. This is a spiritual path of deep love,grace, devotion, a desire to be of service and a longing to know Oneness.

If you are a heart centered, passionate, creative soul with a global perspective. Or a healer, intuitive,seer, channel, shaman, witch, priestess, mermaid, fairy, oracle or planet loving being. A wise one, psychic, mystic or energy reader and ready to step into your purpose. I would love (from the bottom of my heart) to invite you to come and join some beautiful souls and myself in this mystical journey. Where we will explore what is – The path of the Mystic. The whole universe is waiting for you!

In this 3 day workshop we will explore the path of the Mystic and learn to connect with the place of knowing. This is a deep (but fun) journey that can create profound change. We will explore the following subjects playfully:

  • Different forms of journey, channeling and ways of finding answers from within.
  • We will discuss trance and experiment with a body posture that helps us get into a trance state.(altered state)
  • We will dance to experience being a channel and learn how to do The Work Of Byron Katie so we can let go of judgements as these are often the biggest ‘obstacle’ to Knowing.
  • We will learn how to connect to our purpose and ‘brain storm’ ideas for each others purpose and mission.

Note: we are going to work with altered states of consciousness in a safe and playful way, always staying aware of ourself.



MALIKA is an intuitive healer,channel, visionary, artist and coach. A near death experience brought her to seek her purpose, and eventually led her to live her passion of empowering others to live their purpose, vision, truth and beauty. Her main objective is in rising vibration so “we can live from the frequency of love”.

Her intuitive nature allows her to see where you are ‘stuck’, and she is able to guide you to make an empowering plans in becoming freer of those blocks. Her purpose is being the clear channel of love and truth she is.

Malika has 28 years of experience in Energy healing work, Shamanic journey work, Tarot readings, intuitive counseling, Theta Healing, dance, channeling, EFT, vision work, The Work of Byron Katie. More recently she created W.I.L.D. (Women In Love Dancing) dance meditation. She facilitates workshops and retreats all over the world.

“As I was a child I wondered about why, how, how can it be. I wanted to know the reason why things existed and who had thought them up, I was also convinced ‘magic’ existed. As a teenager I started to think about why I was here, had I been here before, did my life have a purpose and I started being more aware of my intuitive nature. In my early twenties I got a strong urge that there was something more than my ordinary day-to-day life. I read Carlos Castaneda , Seth speaks and numerous other books about ‘other’ realities; I got my first Tarot deck and started to immerse myself in everything to do with Shamanism. I traveled to Asia, visited temples, monasteries, high mountains, read more, learned Reiki and discovered the trance dance scene. Dance later became one of the deepest mystical experiences I ever had. By then, I had learned to meditate, intuitively read energy, journey into other realms and gained knowledge about healing.

“Early thirties was the biggest time of change for me. My perception of everything changed after a NDE (near death experience) where I had a profound experience of Oneness. This shattered my until-then known reality and I had to apply all the knowledge I had gained to ‘put myself back together’. It is at this time and through my own healing journey that I started realizing that an other place existed outside my thinking and feeling and that place is called -Knowing. Knowing gave me such a deep sense of peace, and I was even hungrier than ever to discover more about it.

“I went to Pune to the ashram of the mystic Osho. I danced, sufi whirled, meditated and created art. I trained in the art of Channeling and dance as meditation. I discovered The Work of Byron Katie and visited various enlightened  masters.

“And so my journey still continues today (with many more adventures), I love and adore many forms of ‘journey’ into other realms or states of consciousness, creating art from within, getting answers from our higher self. I explore trance states through dance, art and body postures, work with my intuition daily and always look to deepen the experience of inner peace, expansion and Knowing. My longing for oneness guides me.”

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