Time Out – Beijing – Winter Escapes

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Detox in style at The Sanctuary, Thailand

Go to Thailand and choose colonic irrigation over partying? That might sound crazy, but after a stay at The Sanctuary on Koh Phangan in southern Thailand, your mind, body and possibly even your soul will thank you.

The Sanctuary, which lives up to its name and is set on its own beach, is famous for detoxing. After a winter of comfort eating in Beijing, sign up for the ‘fruit fast’ programme. A nine-night package including a daily spa treatment and yoga class, accommodation and fasting programme costs 5,500RMB

Be prepared to spend your time downing clay shakes, fruit juices and numerous weird and wonderful herbs, as well as sweating out toxins in yoga classes and a lovely spa, where treatments are included in the price. It does attract the beautiful people – the place is usually full of gorgeous Californians talking loudly about chakras – but it attracts plenty of regular folk too; don’t be surprised to come across seemingly normal lads on a mission to lose weight, or becoming obsessed with their colonics.

Ah yes, the colonics. Wimp out and decline if you want – the jury is still out on how beneficial the process really is – but, after seeing how healthy everyone who does get up close and personal with a hose looks, you’ll be tempted to sign up.