PSOAS Compass

With Fiona Soma

21st-22nd February


Join us for 3 days, In the quietness of the jungle we can open to ourselves without the distraction of every day life, to immerse deeper into  curiosity and explore some new aspects of Self.  This workshop is particularly suitable for body workers, movement teachers, martial artists, somatic practitioners, yoga and pilates teachers and dancers.

Have you ever considered what the physical muscle of the soul could be? Have you ever thought where the soul resides in your body? Have you ever contemplated what we mean when we talk about “Gut Instinct”? Have you ever wondered why you place your hand on your belly when you have a “knowingness”?

These are some of the subjects we will discuss in more depth on this Psoas Compass Workshop. The ancient Taoists call this area THE MUSCLE OF THE SOUL –  they believe this is where the soul lives and everything is directed from here; they believe its connected to our deepest essence and core identity.

This muscle, known as the ‘fight or flight muscle’ is deeply affected by emotions and is closely connected to our instinctual survival reactions.  It originates from the spine at T12, acting as a  bridge linking the trunk to the legs, the psoas is crucial for balanced alignment, proper joint rotation, and full muscular range of motion. Old as well as ongoing stress, anxiety or trauma causes the psoas to contract, shorten, tighten or pull in  because its very primal basic instinct is to protect.   The physical body is the most advanced computer created – it holds information within all the layers of muscles, tissues, cells, each of these holding its own trauma history or pain DNA.  Because of its deep location in the body, many people store unresolved emotions or unhealed traumas here, so when we feel criticized (by others or by ourselves), it is often the psoas that reacts by contracting or hardening and becoming rigid – sometimes we will even refer to ” the knot” in our belly/stomach.   An exhausted psoas may also contribute to back pain, knee pain, hip pain, breathing issues, digestive issues and more.

In a very safe, held and contained space we will learn new exercises and navigate carefully selected processes that open, stretch and gently soften the Psoas, We will work with thoughts, memories or moments in the present body –   feeling it in our bodies i.e feel  the area in your body that is mostly reacting to this thought, become aware of the sensation, allow that feeling to be sensated and then watch it slowly dissipate, relax or disappear. We will release responsibly, allowing an opening and emergence of a healthy, juicy, alive and online Psoas, contributing to spine health, breath function, flexibility, resilience, strength, mobility, digestion, libido and intuition.


Cost and Booking Information

Full workshop price – 11,000 Thai baht

Early bird price if booked before 12th January 2017 – 12,000 Thai baht

Price includes  1 x Group Dinner, 1 x Group Evening Labyrinth Walk

For further information or to reserve your place, please contact nolansanctuarythailand@gmail.com

For more information about Fiona please visit http://treforlife.com


Accommodation is not included within the price of this workshop. If you have not already booked accommodation, please visit our accommodation page to check the options.

For participants of this workshop, we can also reserve limited spaces in our Zorba Dormitory (350 baht per night) and Zorba Private rooms (750 baht per night) for the week of the workshop only

To secure your place on this course, we will request a non-refundable PayPal deposit of 50 pounds.