Past Life Regression Therapy Training Module 2 with Ushma

26th – 29th March 2018

Regression therapy help people remember the perceptions and feelings caused by past events , is a powerful technique to for self-discovery and profound healing. It can also be defined as a spiritual psychology practice as it touches all the aspects of the self. Through hypnosis you will learn to guide people into a state of theta brain waves; where we can access all blockages, heal and reprogram the subconscious and unconscious mind in a way that the client feel safe and truly transformed.
The body stores memories at a cellular level and they can manifest as fear, sadness, resentment, grief, anxiety, jealousy ,  frustration, depression, confusion and so on.  Exploring different aspects of the mind and different states of consciousness we can go back as far as we need to find the origin of pain, fear or trauma. Once the root of the pain and suffering has been identified, you will learn to work with different healing modalities such as  primal healing,  pulsation, gestalt, family constellation, NLP, color therapy, trauma release, theta healing and shamanic practices.

Past lives can affect our current life in every imaginable manner, from the physical to emotional  behavior. Regression into past memory opens the curtain on specific important scenes and events that we have lived in different times and places, providing an opportunity to unlock emotions, thoughts and energetic blocks. Uncovering the details of past lives allows the possibility to discover unhealthy patterns and roles we are playing in this life. It can also give us profound insights about life and death that allow us to live our full human potential and to discover the multidimensional quality of our beings. This allows our body, mind and spirit to be in harmony and function from a lighter, more elevated perspective.

The results warrant this: Regression therapy is much faster and much more effective than either classical forms of psychoanalysis or regular forms of behavioral therapy.

By the end of this training you will be able to guide a full 90 min session with absolute confidence.

You will learn:

  • How to create a safe environment for your client.
  • How to guide people in and out of trance safely.
  • How to help people finding the origin of their suffering.
  • Heal and release deep traumas.
  • Primal healing.
  • Harmonizing family systems.
  • Healing relationships.
  • Reconnection and healing with people that has passed away.
  • Birth difficulties or traumas that originated in the womb.
  • Neuro reprogramming
  • The art of presence and compassion.
  • Energetics
  • Shamanic body cleanse and protection.
  • How to clean and protect your self as a therapists.

Notice: This training is exclusively for healers or for people that is seriously interested to be trained as a spiritual therapist.

About Ushma

Ushma has more than 14 years of experience as a therapist. She specializes in guiding people through profound and insightful spiritual journeys. Helping us  to heal  emotional wounds , letting go of old pain , fear and unhealthy system believes that holds us back from living at peace and recognizing our true nature.

She begin practicing Vipassana and Hatha Yoga in her early 20’s before going to Pune, India to spend two and a half years to the Osho Ashram.  She trained in meditative therapies, active meditations, embodiment, Hypnosis, primal healing , trauma release, counseling and Zen practices. She completed training of Hypnosis in Past Life Regression with Brian Weiss in the Omega Centre New York and  level l & ll of kundalini therapy training with Guru Dharam .

For the last 10 years Ushma has been teaching her own classes, workshops and private sessions all  around the world.

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“ You are an amazing teacher, guide, healer, role model… with so much wisdom, experience, zest for life, courage, love … so many things to give. Thank you for this journey!” Cristina. Melbourne, Australia.

“ I feel I have gained so much more as a healer from these 2 weeks with you than I can express. I think you are incredible. Honored to have you as a teacher.” Hayley Lander, UK .

“ What I loved in this course and your work is that it empowers people, gives them trust in themselves and their strength and makes them do “the work” from a place of love, rather then thinking there is something wrong with them.” Ema Staicut,  Romania.

“ I feel confident and really prepared to give session after the training ” Jaime Festa , USA.

Cost and Booking Information

Full workshop price –18,000 Thai baht

Sign up by 16th February 2018 to receive an early discount price – 16,500 Thai Baht

Monday – Saturday

Schedule : 12:30 – 3:30

This is the secondary training following Module 1 – you must have participated in Module 1 to apply for this training

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