Children @ The Sanctuary Thailand

Most people at The Sanctuary Thailand retreat are adults on a personal healing/health/wellness program. We try to create an environment that is peaceful and chilled for all & while, we try to cater for all, we are an adults orientated resort.

Many of us do have children and while they are welcomed here we simply need the parents to be aware of the peace of our other guests and to take appropriate action if their children are disturbing the ambience of the environment they are in: – the communal areas, restaurant, therapy areas, Wellness Centre etc. Babies and very young kids can easily ‘pop the bubble’ of peace for our other guests who have come specifically for detox and relaxation; while there are probably many other locations more suitable for young families.

We feel that night time is time for adults in the restaurant and prefer children not around the bar after dark when others are socially talking and drinking.

We ask that you please be aware of others that do not have children and keep your children under parental control.

It should also be noted that we do not offer any special child-support, baby sitting , children’s menus,  services or facilities.  It should also be considered that we are located in an extremely rustic jungle setting. The weather can overly be hot and humid for babies especially. At certain times of the year there can be mosquito-born disease on the Island, as well as other jungle bugs.

The terrain is wild in areas of the resort; where even adults quite occasionally are injured when not taking care of steps, paths and other jungle hazards. Medical Facilities are not near by and transportation in and out, especially  at night, is very difficult and often only by boat.

Our  air conditioned Sanctuary Gardens rooms offer more child-friendly accommodation, in a flat garden area.

Thanks for taking the time to read our thoughts and for your understanding.

Nolan & The Sanctuary crew