Detox & Fasting Rooms at The Sanctuary

“...when it is time to leave I feel more alive than I thought possible.”

    The Times UK

The Wellness & Detox Centre has created specially designed rooms* for Detox and Colonics. We now have 6 rooms all different to suit your needs (including Sanctuary Gardens): Thai-Style with fans, Villa Air-Con room, Deluxe Air-Con room and the Deluxe Faster’s Dormitory. If not in use for Detox these rooms can be rented by resort guests (non fasters).
 *Note: all of our detox rooms are subsidised for fasters.
Wireless internet access is available in all Wellness & Detox Centre rooms. All our private Detox rooms (not dorm beds sorry) receive free 500 Mb Wifi bandwidth daily.


Thai-Style Room

Thai-Style Room
This is a  spacious Thai-style bungalow built up high on stilts for privacy, designed with the faster in mind. It has French doors on to a lovely balcony with a relaxing hammock waiting to welcome you. 24-Hour electricity. Now with new ensuite bathroom and hot shower with private bathroom for colonics.
These rooms are dedicated for fasters: Nightly rate of 1,850 THB per night.


Villa Air-Con Room

Our ever popular Villa-style rooms. These rooms has private amenities. It is split level with comfy lounge, DVD & Air Con, 24-hour electricity and hot shower. It shares a central courtyard, ideal for quiet relaxation.
These rooms are dedicated for fasters: Nightly rate of 2,200 THB per night


Deluxe Air-Con Room

The best room at our Detox Centre is our Deluxe Air-Con fasting room. Spacious room with nice terrace, bathroom with hot shower (for colonics also), and TV for DVD, plus 24-hour electricity.
These rooms are dedicated for fasters: Nightly rate of 2,900 B per night


Ladies Only Deluxe Faster’s Dormitory

This dorm has 4 beds available and offers comfortable, stylish bedding and privacy with our tasteful, secure storage partitions in air-con comfort with hot water showers. This room is designed with the needs of the faster in mind and offers a mid-range price addition for our fasters. These beds are reserved for ladies only.
These beds cost 800 THB each per night.


Sanctuary Garden Rooms

Special rates on Sanctuary Garden Suites for our valued Detox customers

Garden Room Suite

This room is very spacious with a king size bed set in the main air-conditioned room. Sliding doors open onto the large garden view balcony. Tastefully furnished and comfortable. This room is suitable for fasters. Satellite TV.  Room Rate is 4,200 THB per night.

Garden Room Deluxe Suite

This room has an air-conditioned main bedroom. In addition, it has a big lounge room, tastefully furnished. Furnishings include a large sofa and dining table and chairs, with sliding doors that open on to the big balcony. there is a hot water shower in the spacious bathroom. This room is suitable for fasters. This room is comfortable for 4 people sharing. Satellite TV. see details
Room rate is 4,750 THB per night.


At the Sanctuary we recommend that you stay at least 2 days before and after your cleanse to maximise the benefits of your efforts.

Of all Thailand resorts, The Sanctuary Resort & Spa is designed to embrace nature whilst providing secure and comfortable unique architectural designs.
The Sanctuary Resort & Spa has a range of bookable houses, plus non-bookable bungalows and dormitory rooms, plus there are over 100 other bungalows on the bay belonging to other resorts.

While we do work hard to keep our prices down, we won’t engage in a race to the bottom. Saving a few Baht at the expense of quality and experience just isn’t worth it. You may only have one chance to do this in your life, and we’re committed to creating the most holistic rejuvenating body cleanse available.

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Special Promotion

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