Join us for dinner

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring!

The Sanctuary Restaurant

Join us for dinner at The Sanctuary Restaurant

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring!

A healthy diet is something we take seriously at The Sanctuary

  • A comprehensive raw cleansing menu suitable for pre and post-fast diets, and tasty enough for everyone.

  • Traditional Thai cuisine.

  • Scrumptious vegetarian dishes from around the World.

  • We bake a selection of fresh cakes and whole-meal bread daily.

  • No M.S.G. or preservatives are used in our cooking.

From super-healthy to super-naughty and everything in between!

The Sanctuary Restaurant is renowned for its fine food, we offer a wide range of taste-tempting, freshly prepared dishes, made with love and imagination,

Our restaurant is rapidly becoming famous amongst our satisfied customers and has maybe the most extensive selection of vegan, vegetarian and seafood in all of South East Asia!

Our fully equipped bar offers a vast array of beers, spirits, imported wines and cocktails; as well as a large selection of herbal teas, shakes and fruit juices.

Our favourite Recipe every month!

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